Typepad 101: What Is My RSS Feed URL?

November 19, 2014

“RSS Feed” is a term that is used a lot, especially when it comes to getting subscribers to follow your blog.  It is the URL you use to set up email subscription updates with a service like FeedBlitz, and it is also the URL you need if you want your blog updates to appear any place else outside of your blog.  This is a good link to know!

The easiest way to find your RSS Feed URL is by viewing the HTML Source of your blog.  You can do this on any browser by either right-clicking your mouse and select “View Page Source” or similar relating to seeing the source option.  Then use the “Find” feature of your browser and do a search for “RSS.”  The result should direct you to a series of code that look like this (click fo a larger view):

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.51.24 PM

This blog shows three different RSS feed URLs:

- http://mperezsay.typepad.com/myblog/atom.xml
- http://mperezsay.typepad.com/myblog/rss.xml
- http://mperezsay.typepad.com/myblog/index.rdf

Any of these can be used as your feed URL but only the "atom.xml" and "rss.xml" URLs will work if you are setting up a Podcast. The "index.rdf" feed does not include an enclosure that is required for podcasts. Most services requesting your blog feed will accept "atom.xml", "rss.xml", and your FeedBlitz feed URL - if you have your blog connected to FeedBlitz, the link would be http://feeds.feedblitz.com/*yourusername*.

Another way to use your RSS feed URL is to set up a connection between your blog and other social media accounts using a third-party service like IFTTT (If This, Then That) at www.ifttt.com. With IFTTT, you can set up a connection between your blog feed with a series of “channels” including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.50.05 PM

If you are having a problem connecting your blog to Facebook or Twitter, IFTTT is a great alternative to look into for sharing your blog updates.

Lastly, your RSS feed URL is automatically displayed when you first set up your blog in the Navigation Bar with the "Subscribe" link.  This is to make the URL available to your readers so they can add it to their favorite web feed applications like Bloglovin and Feedly.  There are extensions you can add to your browser which can add an RSS feed right in your browser like Google's RSS Feed Reader for Chrome.  Adding an extension to your browser will make it easier to locate a websites RSS feed link.

PayPal and Typepad: Better Together!

November 17, 2014

We're pleased to announce that, as of today, you can now use PayPal to pay for your Typepad subscription!

If you've wanted to use a bank account to pay for Typepad, now's your chance! This is also useful for our subscribers outside the United States that some times encounter difficulty with their bank approving foreign credit card transactions.

To select this option, simply go to Account > Billing Info and select the option to update your payment method.  On that page, you'll see an option to choose PayPal.


Once you click the button, you'll be redirected to PayPal where you'll be asked to agree to a billing subscription for your Typepad account. This works similarly to using a credit card - monthly and annual subscriptions will be made automatically on your behalf - except billing will be processed via your PayPal account!

If you have any questions about billing, simply open a help ticket and one of our friendly support staff will be delighted to help!


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