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Adding a TypeList to your Weblog

Friday, Aug 22 Changes

  • Fixed moblogging bug where base64-encoded MIME bodies (if text/plain) would not be decoded.
  • Added relative_url="1" global tag attribute to make URLs relative.
  • For registration: set new users' zip code and country based on the billing address.
  • Don't display "View Site" link for guest authors.
  • On Weblog - Design - Content screen, display all TypeLists, even those with no items.
  • Fixed bug with Farsi selected for "Language for Date Display".
  • Basic users can now edit the dates of their posts to post- or pre-date them.
  • If there's only one weblog or list in the QuickPost window, auto-select it when the page opens.
  • Improved handling of daylight saving time boundaries to fix the "Invalid local time" error when publishing in certain timezones.
  • HTML is now stripped from post titles in the "Recent Posts" list.
  • Long URLs in the "Page Title" column of the Stats tab are now truncated so as not to throw off the page display.