Two Widgets

July 05, 2006

delicious-logo.png One of the motivations behind TypePad Widgets was a frequent customer question:  "How can I share my links on my TypePad blog?"  We were getting good -- too good -- at giving customers complicated instructions on how to do that, and decided there had to be a better way.  And that, dear reader, is how Widgets were born.

Which is why I’m thrilled today to announce Joshua Schachter and the other kind folks at added Widget support to their Linkroll and Tagroll features.  If you’re a TypePad user, all you need to do to put your links or tags on the sidebar of your blog is sign in to, configure how you want your Linkroll or Tagroll to look, and click the "Add this to your TypePad blog" link under the box that has all the messy code (that you used to have to copy and paste).

Many thanks to the team – the TypePad team couldn’t be happier.

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