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September 27, 2006

Did you know you can make money by recommending TypePad to your readers?  We do our best to spread the word about TypePad, but we know it has no better ambassadors than you – the bloggers that use it.  We’ve had an affiliate program for a while, but we recently updated the terms to make it even more worth your while to help spread the good word:

  • For each new subscriber you refer who stays with us for 90 days, we pay you $30.
  • After the first ten subscribers you refer, we pay you a one time bonus of $100.

Joining the program is easy; we use Commission Junction for tracking, reporting and (most importantly) paying our affiliates.  If you don’t have a Commission Junction account, register today, if you do have one, search for "TypePad" inside to learn more about the program.

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