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Follow the conversation with comment feeds

Comment FeedsAs we talked about last month, we're improving the comments service on TypePad, and rolling new features out to users in phases. In October we introduced the ability to have TypePad close comments on old posts automatically, this month we've added a feature that will help readers follow the conversation on your blog.

Comment feeds for posts and pages

Chances are, most of your readers keep up with your blog by subscribing to its feed. This week, we added the ability for them to keep up with comments on individual posts or pages by subscribing to comment feeds. Comment feeds are an excellent way to encourage your readers to continue the conversation you've started in a post as it lets them read new comments without revisiting your page to check for updates. You can also use this feature to track comments instead of receiving them by email. You can turn on comment feeds on the Configure > Feeds tab.

When will I see these changes?

We continue to roll these new features to more and more customers, making sure that before we add a new group of users that we've tested and validated the system. If you're interested in beta testing new functionality, you can let us know by filing a support ticket and asking to be placed on the list of potential beta testers.

Who's in the News?

Our customers do great things with their blogs, so it’s no wonder they’re a great resource for media looking to highlight blogs. Some that have appeared recently:

This Mama Cooks! On a Diet, was mentioned in a Denver Post article on cooking blogs.  The blog shares recipes like Curry-Apple Butternut Squash Salad, provides links to other cooking blogs, cooking videos, popular cookbooks, and provides diet advice like 5 Ways to Avoid Temptation During Bake Sale Season.

The Belfast Telegraph recently featured Rock Pool Candy, a blog on artwork created by artist Inga Hamilton. She creates her pieces using actual trash to raise awareness of the threat to marine life in the Pacific Ocean. One highlight: the plastic reef Inga created by weaving plastic bags together.

PC Magazine ran an article spotlighting their Top 100 Favorite blogs, which included many TypePad customers, including Cute Overload, Go Fug Yourself and Parent Hacks.

As always, keep us informed with where your blog or other Typepad customers’ blogs have been highlighted. We love seeing our customers praised!