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Blog Photos Directly From Your Digital Camera with Eye-Fi

How many great photos have you taken with your digital camera that you never got around to sharing? 
We'€™re guessing quite a few. Whether it's because you didn't have the time to upload photos to your computer and then post them to your blog, or you're dissatisfied with the quality of your camera phone, there's never been a way to quickly and easily send great photographs directly from your digital camera to your blog.

Until now.

Using the Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card, now any digital camera can send photos directly to your TypePad blog.

Eyefi You don'€™t need a computer or a camera phone - just an Eye-Fi card, a Wi-Fi network and the digital camera you already own. That's right, you can wirelessly post photos from home, work, the airport, a coffee shop - anywhere that the Eye-Fi card can connect to a previously configured Wi-Fi network. Photos can even be transferred right as you're taking them! So, whatever you capture with your camera - whether it'€™s a husband and wife'€™s first kiss or an epic jump in the snowboard park - with the Eye-Fi card, you'€™ll always be the first to share your photos and memories with your blog readers.

How Does It Work?

The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless card with 2 GB of memory and the built-in technology to send photos directly to both your computer and your TypePad blog. The 2 GB of memory means you can store thousand of photos, while the built-in technology means you'€™ll never forget to post another photo again. Plus, the Eye-Fi card also works with other photo sharing and printing sites like Flickr and Photobucket.

The Eye-Fi card is easy to find at major online retailers, including Costco, Buy.com, Wolf Camera and RitzCamera. Read more about the Eye-Fi card in the TypePad Knowledge Base.

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