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Connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile with Blog Link

Whether you're searching for someone to hire, or for someone to hire you, you're likely gathering information both from LinkedIn profiles and also from personal and professional blogs.  You've worked hard to establish your personal brand via your blog, so it makes sense to showcase it right on your professional profile.  The TypePad team that brought you Blog It has created an application to bring your blog and your LinkedIn profile together:  Blog Link powered by TypePad.

Blog Link is a free, easy-to-use application that allows you to connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile.  The application displays a feed of your latest blog posts right into your profile, so you can extend your personal brand even further by sharing  your thoughts and insights with your professional network on LinkedIn.

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is the network you can build, and Blog Link has you covered there as well.  The "Your Network" tab in the application shows the most recent blog posts of people in your network, automatically finding their blogs as listed in their “Websites” list on their profile.  And as more of your contacts add the Blog Link application, your own latest posts show up in more places.  It's another great way to broaden and enhance your network on LinkedIn.

Blog Link is powered by TypePad, and it supports all blog platforms, including TypePad, Movable Type, Vox, Wordpress.com, Wordpress.org, Blogger, LiveJournal, and many more.  To learn more, visit  typepad.com/bloglink and add the application to your LinkedIn account today.

For a demo and more details on BlogLink, watch the video with David Recordon. David's our Open Technologies Lead, who's known for leading efforts around OpenID and OpenSocial, which powers LinkedIn Applications.

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