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Donors Choose: A Shoutout For Helping Students

As we mentioned before, hundreds of bloggers engaged in a friendly bit of competition during the month of October to see who could raise the most money or reach the most kids for Donors Choose. Donors Choose is an organization that matches donors with classroom projects specified by public school teachers all around the country.

The results of the competition are in: Once again, Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation blew every other blogger out of the classroom by raising $111,352 and helping over 19,577 students via her giving page. Sarah demonstrated the power of blogging by producing a campaign ad that asked her readers to vote with their wallets. It worked: over the course of October, 1,162 donors “voted”.

As the sponsor of the prize for the bloggers who reach the most kids, Six Apart would like to give a shout out to Sarah and the bloggers in each category who reached the most students:

(This is our San Francisco team. The New York, Paris, and Tokyo teams send their thanks too.)

Nearly twice as many bloggers attracted 50% more donors than last year, making the competition fiercer than ever. But leaders emerged in each category, and we'd like to acknowledge their fine efforts:

In the Tech Blog category, Fred Wilson’s AVC blog reached  4,545 students

In the Science Blog category, David Ng and Benjamin Cohen’s The World’s Fair blog reached 1,780 students

In the Topical/Local Blogs category, Ralph Alswang Photography reached 522 students

In the Mommy Blog and BlogHer category, Alice of Finslippy reached 1,676 students

In the Knitting Blogs category, Rose-Kim Knits reached 597 students

In the Music Blog category, music teacher Walt Ribeiro reached 910 kids

In the Black Bloggers for Education category, The Assimilated Negro reached 100 students

In the Sports Blog category, Sports Crackle Pop reached 465 kids

In addition to this literal shout-out, each winner will receive some choice schwag from our team at Six Apart.

As the creator of three leading blog platforms - Movable Type, TypePad and Vox - and the provider of social media services and advertising solutions, we’re thrilled to participate in an event that raises awareness about the power and influence blogging can have while raising money for a very worthwhile cause: future bloggers of America!

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