Favorite Blogs: Lifelong Project

January 01, 2009

Lifelongproject Craving something more substantial for your New Year's resolutions than the old "only once a year, then forget em" model? Do you LOVE it when a plan comes together? You should definitely check out the Lifelong Project.  The question this blog is trying to answer is "what would happen if you treated the next year of your life like a project?"

Here's a favorite quote of mine from a recent post:

Life is wonderful. There is so much beauty in this world, so much to experience, to sample, to learn, and to love that it’s sometimes difficult to know what to do. The key, in the Project Life, is to identify what’s important, create priorities, create plans, and then to act on those plans. If you want to make 2009 a year full of memories, great experiences, and a year to become a better, richer, more joyful person: you can.

Lifelong project has some other great posts, like how to set out with your own planning for 2009, or maybe you need a nudge towards defining priorities, or understanding your capacity to accomplish great things.

A safe, happy, and wonderful Project 2009 to all!

Visit Lifelong Project.

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