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August 13, 2009

Activity Stream for the TypePad Mobile web app

The all new TypePad has tons of great new features. One such feature is the stream of recent activity from the people you follow on TypePad. Right from your dashboard you can see the latest updates from your friends, community, and some of the world's best bloggers. But what if you're away from your computer?

Today, we're happy to announce that the activity stream is now available on the TypePad Mobile web app. To try it out, simply sign in at i.typepad.com on your iPhone or iPod touch and tap the new "Activity" button on the dashboard.

In addition, these cool mobile features are now also available for Palm Pre and Android phones, as well as the iPhone and iPod touch that we originally supported. On any of these devices, you can get a great, streamlined version of the TypePad experience, including:

  • Creating and editing posts
  • Managing comments
  • Checking your stats
  • Posting photos via email
  • Seeing your friends' activity on TypePad

We hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

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