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How are government bodies using blogs?

How Social Media Can Amplify Your Marketing

Here's the recording: (Here's the PDF of the slides)

Here's the description from our session:

Barack Obama was a one term senator with less than 10% name recognition when he started his historic campaign. That 18 month presidential campaign went on to raise more money than any other in history and to see  him become the 44th president of the United States. Social media was key to that success.

"Barack Obama's victory was due to an extraordinary internet presence and a solid policy for engaging his potential constituents" says Brent Leary, author of "Barack 2.0: Barack Obama's social media lessons for business", who studied the campaign online over a period of 12 months.

So, what happens if you don't have the biggest budget in history? and how is this relevant for small business owners without an army of marketers?

Some of the most effective tools used by Obama's campaign were low cost tools available to any one and everyone. They just knew how to reach out to their target audience, engage them, drive them to the site and effectively convert those leads into donations and votes.

These are classic CRM (customer relationship management) challenges that Brent Leary addresses everyday when advising businesses big and small. Social media has made these once expensive CRM solutions accessible to everyone and using them could be just the ticket to getting your business recognised out there.

Small Business Webinar

Brent Leary was our guest speaker at the TypePad Small Business Center.

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