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Utilizing the Blogside Toolbar

Do you notice the gear icon which appears in the upper right corner of most TypePad blogs? That little icon reveals the Blogside Toolbar opening the door to manage your blog and share your favorite posts directly from the blog.

Blogside Toolbar

The Blogside Toolbar is beneficial to both TypePad members and non-members.

When viewing your own TypePad blog, the Blogside Toolbar gives you quick links to:

  • Blog Stats
  • Edit Post
  • Dashboard
  • TypePad Profile

When viewing other TypePad blogs, the Blogside Toolbar allows you to:

  • Follow the blogger to see updates from the blogger directly on your TypePad dashboard.
  • Reblog the post on your own blog.
  • Favorite the post.
  • Go directly to your TypePad Dashboard.

Visitors to your blog who are not signed in to TypePad will be able to quickly sign in to their TypePad account to Reblog your posts or Follow you without even leaving your blog. Anyone who is not already a TypePad member will be able to create a free TypePad Micro blog in one click to share your posts.

To take advantage of the Blogside Toolbar, enable it for your blog at Settings > Basics.

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