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Over the past few months we've been looking at how you as TypePad bloggers design your blogs. Via our Featured Blog and the great new Themes we've introduced, we've seen you rock everything from our awesome Pre-Defined themes, to your own tweaks with the Theme Builder, to completely custom designs using Advanced Templates, and it all comes down to one thing: everyone wants a great looking blog. A great design can go a long way in making your blog memorable and gaining return readers, too.

It's been both exciting and inspiring to see how TypePad bloggers embrace blogging, not just in content but in design. To say bravo and let you know how proud we are that you're blogging with TypePad, we've designed some buttons for you to display in your sidebar, and tell the world that you care enough about your blog to craft it with the best. Below, we've included our favorites, designed by the TypePad team.

To add a button to your sidebar, simply copy the code beneath your badge of choice, and paste it into an Embed Your Own HTML module at Design > Content. We've got a step by step tutorial right here!

And before you go, we've got a few questions!

  1. Which of the buttons below is your favorite?
  2. What other styles would you like to see us design in the future?
  3. Would you be interested in designing a button like this for the TypePad community to use? If you do, we'll make it easy for you to add your button right in your TypePad account!

We want you involved, so we'd really love to know what you think. Thanks, and happy blogging!

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