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Star City Blog

March 30, 2012

NAME: Dennis Kornbluh
BLOG: Star City Blog
WHY WE THINK STAR CITY BLOG ROCKS: Founded in January 2009 as a community journalism outlet to counter and complement Lincoln's mainstream media sources, Star City Blog focuses on features, culture and the arts in Southeast Nebraska, with a smattering of news coverage, as well. Now, Star City Blog serves as Lincoln's premier outlet for arts and culture stories, from theatre reviews to art galleries to musical projects, they feature a broad range of topics that won't be covered by any other local publication.


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From the SAY blog: Is This the Golden Age of Digital Media?

March 30, 2012


It's like a puzzle. When you put it together, something's going to happen.


When it comes to art and media, we're often caught in a tug-of-war between legacy and innovation, nostalgia and the next new thing. This tension can create things that are both beautiful and interesting. Instagram and its sepia filters blend the best of today’s technology – the ability to create instant, socially shareable pictures on your smartphone – with the nostalgic look-and-feel of aged photographs. Films like The Artist and Hugo successfully combine modern day movie-making technology with content and structure that pays tribute to the early days of cinema.

But not all art forms have been able to nimbly navigate between the processes and infrastructure laid down by their predecessors, while also taking advantage of the newest advances to the medium. One of the most noticeable places we've seen this is in the evolution of digital media. Today’s digital publishers are forced to contend with the legacy systems put in place by both digital and print. The result is an experience that feels unfocused, cluttered and confused.

In order to create a new standard in quality digital publishing we need to start viewing it as an entirely new medium and rethink the current relationship between content, editorial design and user experience.

via blog.saymedia.com

This week's "The Week in Venn" prompts us to consider the balance between what we do as bloggers - content creation and design - and our reader's experience (and likewise, our own experience as users, and the relationships that we have with the apps we use and love, like TypePad). With the ever-changing and often hybrid nature of the Internet, the possibilities for creating and participating in new user experiences are practically endless.

How do you plan to help usher in digital media’s “Golden Age"?

Did You Know?: Explaining the Full Editor - Part II

March 29, 2012

Previously, we explained some of the lesser known icons in the full editor.  We wanted to explain a few more of them to you as well.


The Background Color button allows you to highligh the color of the background color behind your text. This is particularly useful if there's something you'd like to make stand out from the rest of your text.


The Strikethrough button will create a line through your text like this.  You could use this to mark items off of a to-do list, for example.


The Subscript button will make the selected text into a subscript, commonly used for items like chemical formulations. For instance, this is the chemical symbol for water: H2O


The Superscript button will make the selected text into superscript, which is useful for items like dates like March 26th, 2012.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!

This Blog Makes Our A-List

March 28, 2012


Allison loves fashion and pop culture and shares her passion on her blog, The A-List. This spring she wanted to rev up her blog, so she contacted the TypePad Blog Services team about our Tune-Up Service. We set up social media sharing tools, optimized her sidebars, created a sleek new banner image and, as a bonus, set up a widget to display her recent photos from Flickr. The result is a great-looking blog with strong visual appeal.

Want to take your blog to the next level? With the Tune-Up Service, we evaluate your blog, make a series of recommendations, and then implement the recommendations for you. Plus, you get a new banner as part of the service. Interested? Sign up now! And don't forget to visit The A-List to see what's hot.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Portland Urban

March 28, 2012

NAME: Urban Works Real Estate
BLOG: Portland Urban
WHY WE THINK PORTLAND URBAN ROCKS: Portland Urban is an online extension of Urban Works Real Estate, a pioneering and innovative brokerage firm that specializes in retail within Portland's urban neighborhoods and districts. Portland Urban is an active, interesting blog that helps build neighborhoods, connecting people to authentic, quality retailers that help provide a true sense of place for everyone.



Introducing Chunky, a new theme from Typepad

March 27, 2012

Chunky - a Typography theme

Today we're introducing Chunky, a fantastic new theme by TypePad that's based on beautiful typography. Like our previously released themes over the last several months, Chunky has been designed with your content in mind. With a minimal design, and a refreshing lack of graphics, Chunky is ideal for a wide range of blogs.

Here's why we think Chunky could be your new favorite theme:

  • Loads super quick since the design is text-based!
  • Displays large images beautifully.
  • Enhanced mobile viewing for folks on the go.
  • Features an extra clean, beautifully minimal design with lots of white space.
  • Showcases stunning fonts, suitable for a wide range of blog types and content.
  • Using a single column layout? Your blog footer is customizable and ready for content.

So, if you want a design that complements your content, go to Design > Choose A Theme and apply the Chunky theme today!

Picture my Realia

March 26, 2012

NAME: Jennifer Morrison
BLOG: Picture my Realia
WHY WE THINK PICTURE MY REALIA ROCKS: Picture my Realia is a 365 Project, with a twist - writer Jennifer Morrison focuses on shots depicting life in and around her city of Toronto, which is full of gorgeous color and interesting characters, which she captures beautifully. The blog serves as a companion to Realia, her main blog, where she focuses on writing captivating posts every day. The photos featured on Picture my Realia show Toronto at its most interesting!


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Featured Friday: Roundup!

March 23, 2012

Have you been over to the Featured Blog lately? We've been showcasing some fantastic lifestyle blogs over the past couple of weeks that are unique, beautifully designed, compelling reads anyone can relate to. Check out our list here, and click the image to visit the blog. Who knows - you might just find your new favorite!


Think your TypePad blog has what it takes to be featured? We want to know! Submit your blog (or a favorite TypePad blog) here!

Paper Crowns

March 23, 2012

NAME: Natasha Daly
BLOG: Paper Crowns
WHY WE THINK PAPER CROWNS ROCKS: Generally, a blog needs to make its bones, so to speak, before earning the honor of being featured, but every once in awhile an ingenue sweeps in and charms the academy. Such is the case with Paper Crowns. Blogger Natasha Daly presents carefully crafted, beautifully written slice-of-life posts that are full of gorgeous photos and plenty of heart, complementing the clean, modern design that she created herself. This hidden gem is a must-bookmark!


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See Saw

March 21, 2012

NAME: Liza Cowan
BLOG: See Saw
WHY WE THINK SEE SAW ROCKS: Culture generalist Liza Cowan has been blogging about art, ephemera, collecting, retail theater and history since 2007, bringing some well-researched fun and a little rabble rousing to her devoted readers on a daily basis. Cowan's background in art, curating and anthropology make See Saw a quirky, thoughtful read, and lots of great illustrations add a visual treat!


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