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Introducing Element, a new theme from TypePad

New Theme - Element

Today we're introducing Element, the latest in our series of brand new themes that are designed with your content in mind.

Coming in six different color combinations, Element is chock full of sweet design elements (pun intended) that will enhance your blog's content.

Thumbnails of Element variationsHere's why we think Element could be your new favorite theme:

  • Displays in a one-column layout only, which means your content is the main focus and visitors aren't distracted by sidebar content (sidebar content can still be added, but will appear at the bottom of the blog);
  • Uses a subtle herringbone pattern for the banner background image, making it suitable for a wide variety of blog types;
  • The wide column is perfect for images, videos, or showcasing your text;
  • Set a post to be featured and it'll stand out as a great way to grab your readers' attention (e.g. disclaimer; a slideshow; thumbnails of products you're selling; and so on); and
  • Showcases stunning fonts, suitable for a wide range of blog types and content.

Loving it? We are, so we hope you'll take the time to apply Element to your blog and let us know what you think!

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