Papillon: A New Blog Takes Wing

June 20, 2012


Haya recently started a new blog on Typepad, papillon. She realized that she needed some extra assistance, so she signed up for our Power Launch Service. We helped her set up her blog with all the features she wanted including an optimized blog feed through FeedBurner, social media sharing, and a nice banner. Haya had developed a unique design for her blog featuring a floating image at the side rather than at the top. We did a custom design service to set this up for her. Haya was very pleased with the results and is thrilled to get her new blog off to a great start.

Have multiple requests for us, or just need a lot of help? We can set you up with any combination of services that you need, or create a special custom service with multiple elements. Whatever you're looking for, we can do it. Sign up today!. And do check out papillon.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

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