Win a free year of Typepad and more with Connie Bennett's Beyond Sugar Shock!

June 05, 2012


Here on the Typepad team, we really love our bloggers. Today's Featured Blogger, Connie Bennett, is well known for her championship of Typepad, and for her engaging, informative blog posts. As a motivational speaker, certified life coach and health coach, and a former sugar addict herself, Connie gives back to her readers on a daily basis by providing them with the tools they need to break free - just a few very good reasons why you should be reading her blog.

And here's proof! To celebrate the release of her newest book, Beyond Sugar Shock, Connie is giving away a copy of her book, one year of Typepad service, and more! To read more about the giveaway, head on over to this post. You (or a friend) might qualify to win!

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