From Say Daily: What Advertisers Can Learn From the Top Personal Brands

May 03, 2013


When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.

- Dan Schawbel, Millenial Branding

We can all learn a lot from people, not just companies, when it comes to building a brand. The personal brands of celebrities can really teach us a lot about what it takes to be successful in the advertising world today - and tomorrow. Here are a few examples of what some really well-crafted personal brands can teach us:

1. Transparency gives your brand more authenticity. Louis C.K., the famous comedian that sells out shows and has attracted a massive following online and off, knows a lot about transparency. He doesn't play by the traditional entertainment rules and recently released an exclusive comedy special on his website for only five dollars. He asked his fans to not steal the video and put it on illegal websites. His willingness to interact with his fans and be upfront about everything made it a huge success. He posted a screen shot of his PayPal account which showed that the special made over a million dollars. The relationship he has with his fans is that as long as his products aren't stolen, he will continue to produce great content. Advertising agencies should be mindful about how much they spin and deceive others through the media. If you're honest and genuine, you become a likeable brand.

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