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Typepad 101: Add Rounded Corners To Your Photos

Welcome to Typepad 101! Whether you want to add some new features to your blog's design, or simply make your blog more functional, Typepad 101 has you covered.

By default the Clean Theme, rounds the corners of photos uploaded to your blog posts. Maybe you want the same style but you're using a different theme. It's really easy to add the same rounded corners to most other themes and the custom themes by adding a few lines of CSS.

Foxy and Oliver courtesy of Melanie

To achieve the look of the image above, go to Design > Custom CSS, enter the below code in the text field, and click Save Changes.

You can adjust the 10px to increase or decrease the curve of the corners.

Now that was easy! All the photos in your blog posts will be updated with the stylish rounded corners.

Don't have the Custom CSS feature? Upgrade to the Unlimited plan at Account > Billing Info > Upgrade/Downgrade.

More tips like this one are available in the CSS Cookbook. Want to know how to make other design changes with CSS? Ask the Typepad community in the Typepad forum.

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