From Say Daily: Memorable Social Media Brand Nightmares (They're Inevitable, So Let's Learn From Them)

September 06, 2013

Let’s be honest: one of the reasons brands keep a strong social media presence is for damage control. When something brand-related goes bad and then goes viral - it’s important to have a rapid response team in place. Usually, it’s an unhappy customer that posts a photo exposing the brand in a bad light. But sometimes, the brand is side-swiped by its own employees.

Maybe those employees were just blowing off steam during down time at their minimum-wage jobs, but when those pranks are photographed and posted to social media - that’s a PR nightmare waiting to happen.

Once upon a time, such nightmares were limited entirely to urban legend, and the brand didn’t even have to acknowledge them. These days, when there’s a photo of a Taco Bell employee licking a stack of Doritos Loco taco shells, there’s just no denying that that’s a dude licking a bunch a taco shells, and because of brand synergy, that’s a headache for Taco Bell *and* Doritos.

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