From Say Daily: Top Media Moments of 2013 - and How They'll Change 2014

January 03, 2014


This will always be the year that we started to learn exactly how far the NSA was going to spy on - not just terrorists and spys and /r/conspiracy frequenters on Reddit - but practically everyone on planet Earth.

Before Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified NSA documents to Guardian journalists, those in the tech world who claimed the NSA was up to no good were brushed aside by “mature” tech CEO’s who saw those outlandish claims as conspiracy theory nonsense that was bad for business.

It turns out that it has been bad for business, but it was no theory. Even as 2013 concludes, we have no idea where this story will end.

So in this context of unraveling government secrecy throughout 2013, what else happened this year that was worth a darn, media-wise? Here’s the remaining top nine:

Newsweek Back
Newsweek Is Back

The old-line magazine brand started 2013 by ceasing to exist after its final print issue on Dec 31, 2012 once it had nothing left to give Tina Brown. Everyone acted sad to see it go even though no one had read a print edition of Newsweek in years. But wait! In August, the owners announced that the brand was purchased by IBT Media, publisher of the International Business Times and will return to print in January or February 2014.

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