New for Beta Users: Display Edit Post Links on Your Blog

April 17, 2014

Late last year we retired the Blogside Toolbar in order to address some minor security issues, loading time, and the like.  Several of you were saddened that this removed the ability to edit your posts on the fly, so we've added a new feature that brings this back, available today to our Beta Team.

To enable this, go to Settings > Posts and make sure the "Edit Links" option is set to On.  Once you do this, you'll see an "Edit Post" link under your blog title like this:


Now, you can click on that link and the Compose page for the post will open in a new window.  You can make edits without hunting for the post on the Posts tab.  We have more information on this in the Knowledge Base.

If you'd like to add this now, sign up for the Beta Team and you can start using it right away.  Otherwise, expect this to show up in your account soon!

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