Getting to Know CSS: the Wrap-Up

May 21, 2014

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Welcome to our special series on getting to know CSS! Every other week, we debuted a new article full of valuable tips and tricks that helped you to understand how CSS works and how to apply it to your blog. We've covered everything from the very basics, to fancy tricks, to the best way to find the code you need for your very own blog. Get ready to advance your skill set!

Back to Basics has covered what you need to familiarize yourself with HTML, and now we've concluded Getting to Know CSS. We've shared what CSS is, how it works, and how to find what you need to target specific Typepad selectors. The rest just takes practice.

Let's review what we've covered in this series.

With what you've learned, you can attempt our Typepad University tips, as well as our Weekend Projects and Tips & Tricks. Practice your new skills and understanding of what CSS can do in a test blog. You may find some of our past posts a little difficult at first, but with some perseverence you'll be able to pull of even our most challenging of tips and projects. If you really get stuck, then remember we're always here to help!

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