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Rolling Out of Beta: A New Compose Experience

A few weeks ago, we announced a new feature for our Beta Team to try out that significantly improved the Compose experience for them.


We're pleased to announce that testing has gone well for this feature and we've started rolling it out to all of our bloggers. Expect to see this new, exciting option in your own Typepad account soon (if you don't already have it)!  You can also check out our Knowledge Base article on the new experience so that you're ready when we roll it out to you!

If you'd like to get first crack at features like this in the future, simply go to the Account tab and sign up for the Beta team!

Google Authorship and You Part 2

Previously, we announced the introduction of Google Authorship to Typepad. The goal for Google was to establish ownership of articles in their search results, but it didn't quite take off in the way Google hoped. As a result Google has removed authorship. If you want more information, you can read Google's official announcement and a third-party analysis of the changes.

What does the removal of Google Authorship mean to you and Typepad?

In short, nothing.

No changes need to be made to your blog or Typepad settings. If you previously set up Google Authorship, the rel=author markup will remain within your blog's templates, but Google will no longer use this data. The inclusion of the author designation makes no difference to traffic or SEO even if it's no longer being utilized.

In your Typepad account, you'll notice the Google Settings tab in the Account settings will disappear shortly. (If you do try to set up authorship currently, you'll be unable to do so as Google will not respond.)

What about Google+?

If you have a Google+ account, you can still manage the connection between Typepad and your Google+ account at Account > Other Accounts. The changes at Google related to authorship do not impact your Google+ account.

In summary, Google retired the authorship feature, but the changes at Google do not impact your Typepad blog. If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the comments below, by email, or open a help ticket in your Typepad account.

New to Nimble: Theme Submissions & 3 Column Layout

Off the Grid
Going "Off the Grid" with the Nimble Design Lab

We've been hard at work on making the Nimble Design Lab even more useful and today we're excited to announce not one, but two huge new features!

The first is the ability to submit your own theme and have it appear as an option for other Typepad subscribers to use! If your theme is selected for inclusion, we'll apply a free month of credit to your Typepad account.  You'll also receive credit and a link to your website on the design's thumbnail page.

You can easily submit your blog's current design by clicking the orange "For Designers" button at the bottom of the left sidebar.  Once you do that, you'll see the details of the theme, a screenshot of it, and a form where you can enter the theme name, your name, and a link to your own site.

Submitting Your Theme to Typepad

Nimble already comes loaded with seventeen pre-made designs by the Typepad Team plus the default Nimble Design Lab design that you can click and choose, including Off the Grid, the design in the screenshot at the top.  If you like one of the pre-made designs but aren't finding it the perfect fit, use the Nimble Design Lab to tweak it to perfection, making it just right for your blog.

At the same time, we're also releasing the 3 column layout for Nimble, with options to have the sidebars on both sides of the content column or on only one side.  This brings the total number of layouts available to a Nimble design to six.

Buildings & bridges
Buildings and Bridges: A New Pre-Made Theme in the New 3 Column Layout

The 3 Column option is available immediately for all users, but the Beta Team only will have access to the Theme Submission section.  If you want to try the Theme Submission option - and all the other Beta Nimble Design Lab features out now - you can do so simply by going to the Account tab, checking the box to join the Beta Team, and saving your changes.

You can read more about the Nimble Design Lab in our always helpful Knowledge Base.

We've got even more planned for Nimble, so we encourage everyone to keep watching Everything Typepad for more announcements.  We're also eager to hear what you think about Nimble, so leave any feedback, questions, or feature requests in the comments or send a reply to @Typepad on Twitter. You can also always reach out to us directly by opening a new ticket.

Update to Typepad Comments: No More CAPTCHA

You may have noticed the great strides Typepad has made over the years with comment spam.  We've changed systems, implemented different strategies on the backend, and given you additional tools so that you can join in as well.

We're confident in these changes and how they've made a positive impact on Typepad, so we are removing the option to require a comment verification.  This is also known as CAPTCHA.

If you're not sure what a CAPTCHA is, it's a way of verifying a commenter is not a robot by entering an alphanumeric string.  However, the option that we added that puts a JavaScript requirement in place last year provides the same function.

While it may sound conflicting to remove the CAPTCHA, we often get reports from readers that are frustrated with trying to read it.  Due to many of the aforementioned changes, the comments that CAPTCHA was designed to flag as spam will already be caught.  Removing the CAPTCHA will help alleviate reader pain points while leaving your comments as safe as they were before.

If you haven't already, we recommend making sure that you've enabled the option that requires readers to have JavaScript on to comment at Settings > Comments.  This will not affect a vast majority of your commenters, but will greatly help stop spammers.

You can read more about your comment settings in our Knowledge Base article.

Updates to Facebook, Including Integrated Facebook Page Sharing

Facebook's current API is being retired, so as of today, Typepad is using its most current version.

This will be a seamless change for most of you, so you don't need to worry about anything.  However, if you experienced an issue where you received a message about your account being invalid, we think the new changes should stop this from occurring.  If you continue to see this, please open a help ticket.

Most importantly, though, we now have integrated Facebook Page sharing!

If you've posted to your fan or business Facebook Page through Typepad before, you know that this meant using a third-party platform like IFTTT or RSS Graffiti.  Now, you can do this all through Typepad!

To get started, go to Settings > Sharing and click the "Connect your blog to Facebook" link.  Once you do that, you'll see the following:


Click the Connect button and you'll see a blue Like box that you need to check.  (If this button already shows a check mark, click the check mark to uncheck the button.)  Once you do that, this will initiate the integration process.  You can select an existing Page you manage from the drop down that loads or create a new Page on Facebook.

After you've completed this process, you can now choose to always publish your posts to Facebook automatically.  This means that any posts sent by a mobile device, the Compose editor, or e-mail will show up on your Facebook Page without you needing to do anything else.  If you would prefer to choose on a post-by-post basis whether to share it or not, leave this box unchecked.

Now when you Compose a new post, you'll see the option to share your post to your Page!


We hope you're as excited as we are about sharing your posts to your Facebook Page!

New to Nimble: Borders for Posts and Sidebar & Miscellaneous Fixes

In case you missed all the hullabaloo about Nimble Design Lab, we're continuing to improve it, based not only on our own ideas for features, but also on all the feedback that we've been receiving from our Beta Team members.  Keep the feedback coming!  We love making Nimble work how YOU want it to.

The first thing we want to show off is that it's now incredibly easy to add borders to your posts and sidebars.  To do this, just look for the Border option within each section.  Click it and the options section will slide into view.  You can then click the "Change" link to see the various looks you can apply to the border like changing its color, style, and width:


These options allow you to make some great design choices for your blog.  Check out how the use of a solid border on one side and the double border on the other really sets to the two sides apart on this blog:

Isn't that great?  Borders are just one more tool you can utilize to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Next, we wanted to cover some of the miscellaneous things we've been fixing as part of our Nimble housekeeping.

Previously you may have noticed that some widgets, like the Twitter or Facebook ones, would overlap within the sidebar.  We've resolved this issue and it shouldn't happen any longer.  If you do see this occurring, though, please open a help ticket so we can help get you straightened out.

There had also been a conflict with the ShareThis widget, but it's also been resolved and you can add it to your blog at Design > Content.  Check out the Knowledge Base for more information on recommended widgets.

Finally, you should see general improvements in icons and margins on blogs.

We hope you're loving Nimble just as much as we're loving working on it!  If you're using Nimble on your blog, leave a comment with a link or send us a Tweet.  Maybe your blog will get featured!  Keep working on those designs and maybe soon, you'll see your own design in Typepad!  (New feature spolier alert!)

New to Nimble: Stickynav & Draggable Spotlight Posts

If you've been busy creating great, Responsive blog designs with the Nimble Design Lab, you'll notice that we've made some changes in the past week (If you haven't checked Nimble out, you should! It's awesome!).

We've made some small (but mighty!) changes, fixing paragraph spacing on pages and improving the appearance of blockquotes, but we really want to highlight two major changes that we think are pretty cool.

To begin with, you can now enable a stickynav option for your Navigation Bar! Never heard of a stickynav? Let us fill you in!

Using a stickynav allows your Navigation Bar to sit right at the top of the browser window. When your readers scroll down the page, the Navigation Bar will "stick" at the top, always available, with no need to scroll back to the top of the page.

Even though we've scrolled down this blog, we can still see the Navigation Bar.

Next, we've created a brand new way to use the Spotlight Posts option!

Previously, spotlight posts could only be featured on your blog's Sidebar (check out the right Sidebar on the image above), but now you can drag and drop Spotlight Posts at the bottom of your blog's main content column, and they'll appear under your posts instead. You can add as many as you like, and if you've used images in your post, the first one will be displayed in an eye-catching way.

Showing off your blog's posts.

We've got even more options and surprises in store, so if you haven't signed up to be a Beta Team member yet, you're really missing out!  Nimble Design Lab gives you so much power to spruce up your blog's design and it's just as easy as can be.

To all of our existing Beta Team members that have sent in feedback, thank you!  Your feedback is very important to us and has really given us some great ideas on what to include in future rounds of improvement!

Introducing the Nimble Design Lab

Everyone knows that the most important thing about your blog is your content, but the way you display that content is important, too! You can make a great first impression on your readers by having a blog that looks fantastic, is accessible across many devices, and is easy for them to read.

The Typepad Team has been hard at work creating Responsive themes (Gourmet is a particular favorite), but this time we've stepped up our game.  Wouldn't you love your blog to look something like this one, gorgeous on all devices? Starting today, Beta team members will be able to do just that.


We've rolled several amazing features into one giant piece of awesomeness that we've named the Nimble Design Lab.  You can use it to create a design like the one above and literally thousands of others.  There's a lot involved, so let's get started!

The Nimble Design Lab currently consists of three different, related features.  We'll go over each of them separately.  To find Nimble, go to the Design tab, click the green "Choose a theme..." button, and select the Beta category.  You can then apply the design to your blog.

The first feature that works as a base to provide you with the other functions is our new responsive theme, Nimble. It's a great base theme that allows you to adopt a responsive feature set for your blog.  Responsive means that your blog will look as it should across all devices, whether it's a traditional laptop or desktop computer or the fanciest new tablet or smart phone.

Now that you have the Nimble base in place, what else can you do?  The answer is a staggering amount of things.  Let's take a look at some of the options that you have.

Nimble is currently available for one- and two- column layouts (we're working on the three-column ones for a later release). After you choose your layout, you can upload your own banner, if you like. We're offering additional banner options to allow you to choose between text or a banner image, and then keeping the banner the width of the blog or stretching it the full width of the browser.

Banner at blog width Banner stretched to browser width

Now let's really get into the nitty gritty!

Click the Style tab and you'll see a vast array of options.  These include Fonts (we'll come back to this), Banner, Navigation, Posts, Sidebar, Footer, Background, and Collections (we'll come back to this as well).

Under each of the sections, you'll see a large number of options.  You have the ability to do things like change background colors or upload an image to use as an overlay over the background color.   You can round corners and collapse the margins between columns.  You can choose colors for links, backgrounds, text, and more.  You can select different alignments for your navigation bar.  This is just a sampling of the things the Nimble Design Lab can do.


Ever wanted to apply different fonts to your blog's design but found it too difficult?  With the built in Font Selector, it's easy as pie.  Just scroll through the various options (Handwriting, Display, Serif, and Sans Serif) until you find one you like.  Don't see the perfect font?  You can import your own from Google Fonts.


What if all of these options are a little overwhelming and you're not sure where to start?  Don't worry!  We've got you covered with Collections.  Simply click it and you'll have the option to choose from dozens of color collections and a dozen different fonts already pre-assembled to look great together.  You can apply these options to your blog and then tweak them to get the perfect look.

  CollectionsAs we mentioned, there are many great things that you can do with Nimble, but we really want to highlight the Highlight Bar!  If you have the "featured image with excerpt" option enabled at Settings > Posts (Make sure to check the box for the "Display excerpts instead of full posts on index and archive pages" option so you'll see this!), the first image in your post is going to look extra fancy:


You'll be able to control the color of the Highlight Bar and its placement on the image.  It's just one more way to really make your images pop.

Take a look at some designs that we whipped up using the Nimble Design Lab.  Remember, this is a Responsive Theme, so we're going to show you how each design looks on a number of devices:



You can see the various designs and combinations of colors, fonts, and features that can be effortlessly applied to your blog to make it a thing of beauty.

Another aspect of Nimble is that it's based on an entirely different layout scheme than previous fixed layouts in the past. If you're a fan of customizing your design with Custom CSS, you'll need to reacquaint yourself with the template structure by reviewing the source code of your blog. Test blogs are great for this type of design need.

If you're one for word play, you'll want to take notice of the theme name. You can probably see why we named it as we did! We've also still got at least one major feature we'll be adding soon! (Maybe you'd like to see your own design become a part of Typepad. Wouldn't it be cool to see your design on other blogs?) Let's just say you'll want to make sure you're a Beta team member to take advantage of the features when they're released for testing.

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment here, a tweet @Typepad, or a message on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you!

Rolling Out of Beta: Domain Registrations (and Transfers!) with Integrated Domain Mapping for All

As we mentioned a few weeks back, we started rolling out our integrated domain registration and mapping to all users.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have completed this roll out and all Typepad members will now see the option to register and immediately map a domain at Account > Domain Mapping.


We're even more excited to announce that Typepad is now set up to accept domain transfers from other registrars.

Do you have a domain that you want to set up domain mapping with, but your registrar won't allow you to create a CNAME record?  You can now transfer the domain to Typepad and then use the integrated domain mapping to complete the process.

If you have any questions on either registering a domain, transferring a domain, or how to use the integrated mapping, just let us know!  We're always here to help.

Rolling Out of Beta: Integrated Domain Registration and Mapping

A month ago, we announced a new feature for our Beta Team to try out that integrated a way to register a domain name and map it to your blog.

We're pleased to announce that testing has gone well for this feature and we've started rolling it out to all of our bloggers. Expect to see this new, exciting option in your own Typepad account soon (if you don't already have it)!

If you'd like to get first crack at features like this in the future, simply go to the Account tab and sign up for the Beta team!