Introducing Tonic, a new theme from TypePad

May 09, 2012

Tonic - New Theme from TypePad

Today we're introducing Tonic, the latest in our series of brand new themes that are designed with your content in mind.

Coming in ten different color combinations, Tonic is a fun, new theme that could work well for all blog types.

All Tonic Theme Color Variations
Top Left-Right: Khaki, Dark Green, Purple, Pink, Orange
Bottom Left-Right: Gray, Light Green, Turquoise, Coral, Blue

Here's why we think you'll like Tonic:

  • Comes with all five classic layouts;
  • Has a visually interesting background for some pop;
  • The wide column is perfect for images, videos, or showcasing your text;
  • Set a post to be featured and it'll stand out as a great way to grab your readers' attention;
  • Requires only 4 lines of CSS in the Custom CSS screen to make a full color change.

Ready to give your blog a great new look? Go to Design > Choose A Theme and apply Tonic today!

Interested in knowing the exact steps taken to create the Tonic theme? Check out our Making Of... page to review the steps and submit your own color variations for Tonic. Go a few steps further and use our CSS framework to build and submit a theme if you'd like us to consider offering it to all TypePad users!

Introducing Element, a new theme from TypePad

May 03, 2012

New Theme - Element

Today we're introducing Element, the latest in our series of brand new themes that are designed with your content in mind.

Coming in six different color combinations, Element is chock full of sweet design elements (pun intended) that will enhance your blog's content.

Thumbnails of Element variationsHere's why we think Element could be your new favorite theme:

  • Displays in a one-column layout only, which means your content is the main focus and visitors aren't distracted by sidebar content (sidebar content can still be added, but will appear at the bottom of the blog);
  • Uses a subtle herringbone pattern for the banner background image, making it suitable for a wide variety of blog types;
  • The wide column is perfect for images, videos, or showcasing your text;
  • Set a post to be featured and it'll stand out as a great way to grab your readers' attention (e.g. disclaimer; a slideshow; thumbnails of products you're selling; and so on); and
  • Showcases stunning fonts, suitable for a wide range of blog types and content.

Loving it? We are, so we hope you'll take the time to apply Element to your blog and let us know what you think!

Integrating Zemanta into your compose experience

April 26, 2012

We're very happy to launch a new feature to our Beta team today. Recommended Links will make adding useful and relevant links to your posts fast and fun. It's powered by our new partner Zemanta (read their press release about the integration) and is the first in a series of integrations that will help bloggers add great links and photos to create even richer posts. If you'd like access to Recommend links right now, please visit your Account page and check the box to join the Typepad Beta Team.

Continue reading "Integrating Zemanta into your compose experience" »

Aviary Image Editing Tools Available For All!

April 17, 2012

Back in January, we released a new image editor powered by Aviary to our Beta Team.  With it, you can easily add captions, filters, stickers and borders to your images. You can even rotate them in different directions and much more.

The image editor hard at work.

Based on the feedback we received from the Beta team, we're ready to begin rolling out the new image editor to all users over the next few weeks. When the editor is rolled out to your account you'll be able to hover over the image and see a prompt to double-click it to begin making edits.

In addition to being able to edit your images with these new tools, you'll also have the option to add a thumbnail gallery.

To find out more about the Aviary-powered image editor and the thumbnail gallery, check out the Knowledge Base article.

If you're having any problems with the new editor, don't panic!  If you're using Internet Explorer 9, you need to make sure that you have not enabled compatibility mode.  Compatibility mode and the new editor are not compatible.

To turn Compatibility View off, click the Compatibility View button in your address bar to make the icon change from a solid blue color to an outline like this:Picture of the Compatibility View button (off)

Microsoft also has more information about the compatibility view option in Internet Explorer.

We recommend that all Internet Explorer 9 users clear their cookies and cache after making sure compatibility mode is disabled.  We have more information on how to do this in the Knowledge Base.

We hope you'll try out all the new features and see how they can make blogging easier and more fun for you!

Customized Sharing for Scheduled Posts - Fixed!

April 13, 2012

Earlier this week we shared with you that there was a known issue where the customized text for scheduled posts was not retained on publication. We released a fix yesterday that corrects the behavior and have verified the issue no longer exists.

We hope this helps those of you who experienced the above issue. Happy sharing!

Customize Sharing To Facebook & Twitter

April 10, 2012


Last week we released the ability to customize how your posts are shared to Twitter and Facebook. When you check the box to Share This Post, a text field will open allowing you to enter whatever text you want to include with the link to your post. You can include hashtags and @ replies to other Twitter handles in your shared text as well.

If you haven't already, try out the new feature when composing your next post. You can add your Twitter &/or Facebook Profile at Account > Other Accounts.

We wanted to make you aware of one known issue with the new sharing feature. The Publish On setting to schedule a post to publish in the future does not allow for a custom note. The default sharing functionality of the post title followed by a link to the post will be used when sharing future posts. We're working on making this feature available for scheduled posts as well.

Being able to customize the shared content is a feature you requested, and we're excited to bring it to you! We have other new features currently in development that we're looking forward to sharing with you.

Announcing! New and improved ways to share posts and fight spam

April 03, 2012

Today we released improvements that tackle two separate features: social media sharing; and comment CAPTCHAs. The first is an update that provides a new feature for sharing to Facebook and Twitter from the Compose screen. The second is an update in the form of an overhauled CAPTCHA that will help the fight against spam comments.

Sharing posts to Twitter and Facebook

For those of you who share your posts from the Compose screen, you'll notice a new feature improvement for when you check the boxes of your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now, when checked, a text box will appear directly below the account(s) you've selected. This text box will allow you to completely customize the message that is sent to your Facebook Wall or Twitter account.

Sharing to Facebook Sharing to Twitter

With Facebook, your message will appear with the shared post link, thumbnail (if an image is added to the post), and excerpt.

With Twitter, your message will appear with the post link. Bonus! You'll be able to @message and #hashtag your Twitter message, as well as keep an eye on the character limit! (Note: character limit is automatically reduced to 110 characters so as to leave enough characters for the post link that is shared.)

Improving comment CAPTCHAs

To help continue our fight against the evils of spam, we have made changes to the CAPTCHA we serve with comments. We've chosen to integrate Google's reCaptcha, which will help detect between a real person and a computer/bot.


The image above is what unauthenticated commenters will see if their comment triggers the CAPTCHA to appear, or if you've made the "randomly generated verification code" a requirement in your Comment settings. You'll notice that you'll be able to listen to the CAPTCHA, as well as refresh it if you're unable to read the words shown, making the CAPTCHA process more accessible for all commenters.

As an additional bonus, for those who previously saw the CAPTCHA cut-off in the Firefox browser, that issue should no longer be present.

Introducing Chunky, a new theme from Typepad

March 27, 2012

Chunky - a Typography theme

Today we're introducing Chunky, a fantastic new theme by TypePad that's based on beautiful typography. Like our previously released themes over the last several months, Chunky has been designed with your content in mind. With a minimal design, and a refreshing lack of graphics, Chunky is ideal for a wide range of blogs.

Here's why we think Chunky could be your new favorite theme:

  • Loads super quick since the design is text-based!
  • Displays large images beautifully.
  • Enhanced mobile viewing for folks on the go.
  • Features an extra clean, beautifully minimal design with lots of white space.
  • Showcases stunning fonts, suitable for a wide range of blog types and content.
  • Using a single column layout? Your blog footer is customizable and ready for content.

So, if you want a design that complements your content, go to Design > Choose A Theme and apply the Chunky theme today!

Rolling Out to a Dashboard Near You!

March 21, 2012

We previously announced that we were beta testing a New and Improved Dashboard, which includes new quickpost features and feature improvements.

image from

With options for quickposting text, photo, video, and links, the Dashboard update is rocking brand new ways for you to publish a variety of content to your blog.

As the new Dashboard continues to be rolled out to all, you'll be able to:

  • use the improved "Find People to Follow" tool, which pulls in previously featured blogs;
  • and experience better stability and presentation of the Recent Activity stream, where recent posts, comments, and favorites from those you follow will appear.

Eager to get started but don't have the new Dashboard yet? Kill some time by reviewing the Knowledge Base article about the Dashboard, and finding some new friends to follow on Featured Typepad, so that you're ready to jump in, fingers first, when it shows up in your account!

The New and Improved Dashboard

February 06, 2012

We've recently made some changes to the Dashboard that our Beta Team users are now seeing.  We'll be releasing these options to everyone soon, but here's a preview of what we've added.



New Quick Posting Options
We've brought together the best of the quick posting types that were previously available for general and beta users.

You now have the following options:

  • Quick post: This will quickly let you share a thought straight from the TypePad dashboard
  • Photo post: You can easily share any image with your readers and add commentary. This gives you the ability to share an image either by uploading it or by supplying its URL if it is hosted elsewhere.  We've also increased the number of supported sites for auto-discovery, so you can enter the URL of the page where the image is located and have the image returned.
  • Video post: It's easy to share a video with your readers with this function. We've also enhanced support for more video sites and given you a preview capability so you can see what video you are sharing before you publish your post.
  • Share: With this you can enter any URL on the Internet, choose the part of the web page you'd like to share in your post, and add commentary.

If these options aren't for you, as always, you can jump to composing a new post using the Compose link or by using the "Write a full post" link included next to the quick posting options. 

Improved "Recent Activity" stream
In addition to fixing some issues, we've made content from the people you follow more prominent in the activity stream. It's now easier to scan through the content and get a sense of what a post is all about before clicking through.

If you'd like to see these features before we release them, make sure to join our Beta Team! You'll be the first to get to try out new TypePad features and give us your feedback on them to make them even better!


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