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Introducing Integrated Domain Registration and Mapping. Plus a Holiday Giveaway!

It used to be that setting up domain mapping, which allows you to use your own custom domain with your blog, required you to go through a third-party. You had to figure out what registrar to use, go through their site to set up a CNAME record, and then come back to Typepad to complete the process.

Typepad is all about making blogging as simple for you as possible.  With that in mind, we have paired with OrderBox for domain registration.  Now, at Account > Domain Mapping, you can help establish your brand by searching for, purchasing, and mapping a custom domain all from Typepad.

Most domains are very inexpensive (ranging from just a few dollars to $15 a year for registration), so it's a great way to strengthen your brand for not a lot of money.  You can map subdomains and it also comes with two e-mail addresses.

Domain registration is currently available to our Beta Team.

To register your domain within Typepad, you'll first go to Account > Domain Mapping.  Once there, you'll see this section:


You'll first need to search for the domain name you'd like to use.  We have a variety of top-level domains like .com, .net, .eu, and more to choose from.  After you click the "Check Availability" button, you'll be redirected to OrderBox to choose the domain you'd like to register.  You'll complete the process there and get returned to Typepad to approve the agreement.  Once you've done that, you'll complete the registration from within Orderbox.

After doing that, you'll be sent back to Typepad where you'll see a new section called Domain Map with Typepad.  From there you can enter the subdomain you'd like to map with your new domain.  Most people will use the www, but you can map any subdomain like blog, shop, or more.

One you complete this, Typepad will begin the process of creating a CNAME record for your custom domain.  You won't need to go to another site or do anything else.


You'll need to wait for the DNS to propagate which usually happens in less than 24 hours but can take up to 72 hours.  You'll know it's time to activate the domain mapping when you visit the domain URL and see the Typepad logo favicon. You can also verify that your CNAME record exists correctly. We have more information on this in our Knowledge Base.

We'd love to have some of our Beta Team members use this super handy feature! As a holiday gift from us, the first three members who register a new domain will get $14.95 (the cost of a Pro Unlimited account for one month) in credit applied to their Typepad account.

You'll still need to use your Typepad billing method to purchase the domain, but once you've done that, simply open a help ticket, one of our support team members will verify that you're one of the first three members, and will manually apply the credit to your account.

We're very excited for this new feature and hope you find it as useful as we do!   If you have any questions, we're always here, so just let us know!

The Blog Welcome Message Now Out to Everyone!

Not quite two weeks ago, we announced the Blog Welcome Message was being rolled out to all of our Typepad subscribers.  As of today, it's now available for everyone!

For those that might not know, the Blog Welcome Message allows you to add either an embedded or a popover message to first time visitors to your blog. This can include HTML to format the message or just text. You can also include code for links and images.

The Snazzy Blog Welcome Message!

To add it to your blog, just go to the Settings tab and check it out.  We have more information on using this feature here.

We hope you guys like it as much as we do!  If you have any questions or need some help, the support team is just a step away.

New for Beta Users: The Responsive Theme Builder

We here at Typepad know that your readers don't just look at your blog on a traditional computer screen.  They use smart phones and tablets and want to be able to access your blog on the go and you need a good responsive theme to really make your blog shine for them.

We've introduced some great responsive themes (Have you checked out our beautiful Gourmet theme yet?), but what about those of you that have created your own personal design and want to continue to use it but want to get the functionality of a responsive theme? Have no fear!  Typepad has your back with the brand new responsive theme builder!

It's easy to use the responsive theme builder.  It works just as the theme builder you love, but has a few more options.  You can go to Design > Theme Builder to take a look at them.


From there, it's just a simple check box to get you on your way to using the responsive theme builder!  You can also switch to a non-responsive theme and back with ease. We've got more information on this feature in our Knowledge Base.

The responsive theme builder is currently only for our Beta Team members, but if you want to try it out now, that's also easy to do!  Just go to the Account tab, check the box for the Beta Team, and save your changes.  Presto!  The new responsive theme builder is within your account!

We want to make this feature as useful for you as it can be, so if you're a beta member, please do give it a good run through and let us know what you think.  Found something that doesn't seem to be working quite right?  Let us know!  Is there something you'd like to see it do as well?  Let us know that too!

Out of Beta: The Blog Welcome Message and More!

A few weeks ago, we introduced the Beta Team to our Blog Welcome Message which added the ability to add either an embedded or pop-up welcome message to your blog.

The Snazzy Blog Welcome Message!

We collected their feedback, improved its abilites, and it's now ready to be seen by the public.  We've started rolling it out in waves to our subscribers, so check your Settings tab to see if you have this new function.

If you don't have it yet - never fear!  We'll be rolling it out to everyone over the next few weeks.  If you want it now, though, simply go to the Account tab, check the Beta Team box, and save your changes.  You'll then get the Blog Welcome Message and any other beta features within your account.

We've also released to all users the Copyright, Introduction, and Spotlight widgets. You can easily add copyright and introduction information to your blog's sidebar with the first two widgets.  With the third, you can add text and images to your sidebar that highlight your posts.

Spotlighting Posts Makes a Big Wow!

We think that these new features are great, but if there's something you're looking for, just leave us a comment or open a help ticket!  We can't wait to hear what you have to say!

New for Beta Users: Blog Welcome Message

One of the great things about having a blog is that it will always be new to someone.  New readers will find you in a variety of ways (search engines; shared links; social media platforms; etc.) and it's nice to be able to welcome them to your blog. For our Beta team members, we've just introduced a way to easily do that with our Blog Welcome Message.

The Blog Welcome Message allows you to add either an embedded or a popover message to first time visitors to your blog. This can include HTML to format the message or just text. You can also include code for links and images.

An Embedded Welcome Message.

To add this to your blog, go to the Settings tab.  Select if you'd rather have the popover or embedded option, enter your welcome message, check the box, and save your changes.  Now, the first time a visitor comes to your website, they'll see your welcome message.

Do you have something new or noteworthy that you'd like to share with both your new and returning visitors?  Simply come back to the Settings tab, update your message, check the box, and save your changes.

You can read more about the Blog Welcome Message in the Knowledge Base.

Beta Team, we'd love to hear what you think about the Blog Welcome Message or any of our other great features still in Beta!  Please open a help ticket with your feedback so that we can make this the best feature possible.

A brand new theme just for food lovers!

Are you into food? Like really into food? Then our newest theme is for you. It's called Gourmet and it has two style variations - Spicy and Sweet.

Gourmet Theme - Spicy Variation
Gourmet Theme - Spicy Variation

The theme is available for all account levels and it's built on our very cool Repsonsive framework, so it'll look great on any device. Give it a try by going to Blogs > Design > Choose a Theme and look for Gourmet in the listing.

Gourmet Theme - Sweet Variation
Gourmet Theme - Sweet Variation

Do you want your social media icons to show in the navigation bar, the way they're shown in the theme examples above? Just add your social accounts in Account > Other Accounts and then enable those for display in Blogs > Design > Content: Navigation Bar.

We're going to be adding more variations to the Gourmet theme soon, so we're wondering - what types of foods would you like to see featured? Let us know in the comments!

New For Beta Users: Widgetpalooza!

Adding widgets is a great way to easily and quickly implement features on your Typepad blog.  With that in mind, we're very pleased to introduce several new and exciting features for our Beta Team subscribers: Take a look at our Sidebar Carousel widget, Spotlight Posts widget, and the Copyright and Introduction widgets!

Let's break down what each of these features are:

The Sidebar Carousel places a slideshow of the images from one category of posts to your blog's sidebar. These pictures will then rotate, based on the various settings you can choose.  It's a great way to highlight specific categories or images on your blog in an eye-catching way. You can even add more than one Sidebar Carousel if you'd like.

Example of the Sidebar Carousel in action.

To add the Sidebar Carousel to your blog, simply go to Design > Content, find the Carousel option under Widgets, select the options you'd like to use, and save your changes.  Easy as pie! See the Knowledge Base article to learn more about the available settings for the Sidebar Carousel.

Next up is the Spotlight Posts widget.  It displays a list of posts from a category in your sidebar, and even gives you the option to show the thumbnail for the first image in the post along with the post excerpt.

Top-excerpt_spotlightAs you can see, it's a pretty nifty way to highlight a specific category in your sidebar.  This can be useful to highlight text, images, or both! Learn more in the Knowledge Base.

Finally, we have the Copyright and Introduction widgets.  When you add either widget, they'll come pre-loaded with some text that we think is useful: the Copyright widget contains the HTML code for the copyright symbol and your blog's name and the Introduction widget contains some simple text to welcome and invite users to visit your blog.  The text for both of these widgets can be edited as you like.

Want to give these widgets a go but aren't a member of our Beta Team?  It's easy to join!  Just go to the Account tab, check the Beta Team option, and save your changes.

Beta Team, we'd love to hear what you think about these features!  Please open a help ticket with your feedback so that we can make them even better.

New Feature - The Signature Module

Today we've released a new content feature that we know a good few of you have been asking for--the signature module! This feature is available to all Pro plans, and is ideal for signature images, sign-offs, advertisements, or anything else you want to have automatically inserted into the bottom of each post.

example: inserting an image sign-off in the signature module
example: inserting an image sign-off in the signature module

Available at Design > Content, all you need do is insert your code into the module, save your changes, and you're done! The module will automatically add itself into each post.

Note: Blogs with excerpts turned on will only see the module on the permalink page for the post.

One example of how to use the module is seen above. We chose to create an image, using our preferred font, because this specific font isn't available on all computers and we wanted to make sure all readers would see it exactly the way we envisioned. Once the image was saved, it was uploaded to the File Manager, and we copied its URL.

Once the URL was in hand, we went to Design > Content, enabled the signature module, then clicked its pencil icon to configure it. Inside the field available, we added the following:

<img src="URL" title="until next time" />

signature configuration

After that, we clicked OK, previewed our changes, then saved them. Pretty simple! And much more efficient than manually adding it to each new post we create.

Things to take note about the module:

  • it accepts HTML, scripts, and plain text
  • it has a 1000 character limit (you will be alerted by a pop-up if it the limit is reached)
  • there is no default styles set for the module, so it will fit with all themes
  • images or embedded content will scale up/down in responsive themes only

In our Knowledge Base article for the signature module you'll find examples of how to style the content, as well as the type of content you can add. It's really almost limitless, so we hope you give it a try! If you have questions beyond what the Knowledge Base can provide, remember we're just a help ticket away at Help > New Ticket.

New For Beta Users: Post Carousel

We are very pleased to introduce a new and exciting feature for our Beta Team subscribers: The Post Carousel!

You may be asking yourself what exactly is a Post Carousel and why should you add it to your blog? Let us tell you!

The Post Carousel adds a slideshow of the latest posts to the top of your blog. Photos from the most recent posts will rotate through the carousel.  It's a great way to catch your reader's eye as they visit your blog.

You can see a live demo of the Post Carousel hard at work here.

The Post Carousel can be customized in many ways. You can set the maximum number of posts to display and restrict it to just a specific category.  You can choose the title position, automatic start, add a pause button, and much, much more.

To add the Post Carousel to your blog, simply go to Design > Content, check the box for Post Carousel, select the options you'd like to use, and save your changes.  We have more information on this in the Knowledge Base.

Want to give the Post Carousel a go but aren't a member of our Beta Team?  It's easy to join!  Just go to the Account tab, check the Beta Team option, and save your changes.

Beta Team, we'd love to hear what you think about the Post Carousel!  Please open a help ticket with your feedback so that we can make this the best feature possible.

A New SEO Feature and a New Account Level

We know that search engine optimization is important to all of our Typepad subscribers, so we wanted to let everyone know about a neat little feature we've recentally released - meta descriptions for Pages. We've had meta descriptions for posts already, but now your Pages have the same option.

When composing your Page, the Excerpt field can be used to generate a short summary of it. If you do not write an excerpt yourself, one will be generated automatically from the first 100 words of the post or the number of words you have set in Settings > Posts & Pages, under Auto-Generated Excerpt Length. This excerpt will also be used as the Meta Description for the Page and picked up by search engines like Google.

It's just another great way that Typepad helps your and your blog get the attention it deserves.

We've also added a new account level, Enterprise. Enterprise is aimed at small companies and other organizations who would like to add a blog administrator to their blog but for whom Typepad Business Class has been out of their budget. You can sign up for the Enterprise level here.