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TypePad Books: My Start Up Life

BenBen Casnocha, one of the brightest minds in the online world, brings us My Start-Up Life. This is an engaging entrepreneurial tale from a (very) young and energetic entrepreneur and an instructive how-to, with lessons learned from Ben and his "brain trust" of advisors who contribute guest essays on business. Current or aspiring start-up founders will find the story and insights valuable, as will anyone who wants to learn how to think like an entrepreneur.

Ready to get inspired? Buy the book or check out his TypePad blog.

TypePad Books: Journal Revolution

Journal_revolution1 Journal Revolution: Rise Up and Create! is an artistic inspiration authored by sister duo, Linda and Karen, as they convey their take on communicating personal history through artistic journals. Visual Chronicles is all about YOU: your dreams, your memories, your daily routines, your greatest loves, and your secret pet peeves. Enjoy the fun of getting to know yourself better, savoring the wonderful ebb and flow of your everydays, and celebrating it all in vibrant, visual mementos of your life journey.

The View has called Visual Chronicles, “...the only book you’ll ever need to scrapbook in a way that is uniquiely yours.” Read more reviews, join the discussion group, or hear the latest from the best selling authors via their TypePad blog.

TypePad hearts Boston!


What do the TV program This Old House, David Sedaris, the Boston Red Sox, and the historic preservation of Boston have in common? They are just some of the topics covered by passionate and prolific TypePad bloggers in the Boston area.

Interior designer Abbey Koplovitz presents design tips for the rest of us in her blog, On Interior Design, sharing beautiful photos that illustrate her design challenges and accomplishments. One of her recent renovation projects will be featured this fall in the TV program This Old House, whose editors and producers keep three different TypePad blogs for the show and magazine:  Old House My HouseThe Shelter Life, and The Hardware Aisle.

Aisle Be Seeing You is a blogospheric guide to the Boston Celebrity Series, a music, dance and art performance series presenting a wide range of performers who will visit Boston this season, including Itzhak Perlman, The Paul Taylor Dance Troupe, and David Sedaris. The blog gives great links to resources about each performer.

And how ‘bout those Red Sox? Three popular TypePad blogs discuss, dissect, analyze, and laugh at the adventures of the Sox, covering everything  from the shape of Josh Beckett’s facial hair in the humorous blog Cursed To First, to Derek Hixon’s analysis of the team’s performance in the Sawx Blog, to commentary on the relative merits of the Sox vs. the Yankees on the active Yanks Fan Sox Fan blog. All three of these blogs are entertaining and engaging, as you can see by the many comments of their readers.   

For a walk down memory lane, visit the City Record and Boston News-Letter, where you will find rich information about the history of Boston and its environs. Historian Charles Swift shares old Boston maps, recommends good summer reads, and answers readers’ questions about all things Boston history.

Citizen Marketers

Citizenmarketers3d We're really excited about this month's TypePad Book, Citizen Marketers by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. We've already featured their excellent TypePad blog, Church of the Customer, where the Chicago duo dispense marketing wisdom to thousands of savvy subscribers and casual readers. That's why we were expecting a solid hit from the team's second book, following up on 2002’s Creating Customer Evangelists. That said, we think Citizen Marketers, a narrative look at how social media is changing the way individuals and companies interact, is pretty much a home run.

That's why we decided to not only make Marketers the January Book of the Month, but offer a 10% discount and a free copy of the book to new TypePad Pro-level annual subscribers. If you know someone who is ready to move from having a web site to having an influence, point them to this promotion where they'll get the tools they need to make an impact, and also learn about the motivation and methods of the online influencers that McConnell and Huba discovered during their research.

If you want to get a taste of the duo's deep knowledge about the intersection of networked media and marketing strategy, just listen to the TypePad Books podcast, which features McConnell and Huba in conversation with our own evangelist, Anil Dash. We think you'll find some great takeaways, no matter where along the business blogging spectrum you fall.

We particularly enjoyed the authors' take on blogging software: "Whenever we talk to people about blogging, we always point them to TypePad because it has the best systems, we think, for the different levels of engagement that people need for blogging. Whether they're a beginner or they need industrial-strength tools for working towards a large crowd."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Recently featured...

Now that we're back up from our short (and successful) maintenance window, this weekend might be the perfect time to catch up on some of the latest blogs that we've highlighted at  Here are three blogs we've featured lately...

Lulublooker_2 The Lulu Blooker Blog
Bloggers are getting book deals right and left. Lulu, a prominent figure in the self-publishing industry has sponsored a new award -- The Lulu Blooker Prize. And the Lulu Blooker Blog discusses all things about this annual contest for books that have sprout from blogs.

Zaneblog Zane Blog
Zane Safrit is in the business of creating customer evangelists. He is the CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited, a company dedicated to offering simple and affordable ways to conference. Zane's blog is an outlet where he shares his wisdom on the Web 2.0 world, as well as cool stuff that crosses his browser.

Rootmagazine_1 Root Magazine
Do you know the difference between Samba and Salsa? Professional photographer and dance enthusiast Marcy Mendelson is building a global community for lovers of dance, culture, and music. Root Magazine educates its readers on dance while pointing to all kinds of world beats from Bhangra to Tango.

And even though it wasn't on "Featured" this week, we also want to point out a great collaborative blog that our friends at Palm put together to cover the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.  The CES 2007 Micro Blog invited anyone with a Treo to register with Palm as a guest author on the Micro Blog.  Contributors then used TypePad Mobile for the Palm to post photos and updates from the show.  It's a great (and entertaning) record of conference life in Vegas.

Are you interested in seeing your blog in lights (where "lights" means "14px bold Arial")?  We're always on the lookout for great sites, as well as feedback on why you love doing what you do with your blog. So let us know!

Listen to our conversation with Steven Johnson

Ghostmap_1 We've been fans of Steven Johnson ever since his days of the late '90s, and Interface Culture, his seminal book on computer user interfaces.  (Interface Culture is worth revisiting now, especially for its chapter on the simple hyperlink, the building block of blogs.)  His latest book, The Ghost Map, chronicles a pivotal outbreak of cholera in 1854 London, and is our featured book of the month at

Yesterday Anil Dash and I had the pleasure of talking with Steven about his new book, life in mid-19th century London, life in early 21st century Brooklyn, and his new startup,, a site that lets you share and discover what's happening in your neighborhood. Steven blogs on TypePad, of course, at

You can listen to the conversation here, or grab the MP3 file directly.

Listen to our conversation with Debbie Weil

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book, for our series of podcasts with authors who blog on TypePad.  Debbie was gracious enough to spend 20 minutes with us to talk about why business are blogging, who's doing it well and to pass on some advice to business that are just getting started with blogs.  You can listen to our conversation here, or you can grab the 9.5mb file directly.

This is our fourth TypePad podcast; hopefully we're getting better at these!  Our apologies to the intrepid users who tried to tune into our Skypecast with Debbie last week; to simplify matters we went a bit more "old tech" for this week's conversation.  If you're interested in subscribing to our amateur radio experiments in iTunes or another favorite audio player, you can grab an RSS feed of just our podcasts from our friends at Odeo.

Chat with Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book

CorporatebloggingDebbie Weil is a well-known corporate blogging consultant, author of The Corporate Blogging Book and our featured author for October at  She blogs on TypePad at, where she covers the ins, outs, ups and downs of business blogging.

We're very pleased to be hosting a moderated Skypecast conversation with Weil this Thursday, October 12th at 2:00 pm PDT to talk about her book and best practices for businesses that are blogging.  To participate, all you need is Skype and this link:  If you can't join us, don't worry; as always we'll be recording the conversation and releasing it as a podcast just a few days later.

Update: We had some technical difficulties with the Skypecast this afternoon, and we apologize for that!  We're going to record an old-fashioned podcast with Debbie and release it as soon as possible!  For everyone who tried to join in this afternoon, we apologize.


Listen to our conversation with Shari Caudron

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting Shari Caudron for the latest in our monthly series of Skypecasts / podcasts with authors who blog on TypePad.  Shari is the author of Who Are You People, a Personal Journey into the Heart of Fanatical Passion in America, and blogs on TypePad at  Shari and I talked about everything from Barbie dolls to storm chasers to the Grobanites, as well as the combined power of blogs and  If you missed the Skypecast, you can listen to our conversation here, or you can grab the 19mb file directly.

This is our third TypePad podcast; if you're interested in subscribing to our amateur radio experiments in iTunes or another favorite audio player, you can grab an RSS feed of just our podcasts from our friends at Odeo.

We love authors on TypePad

After our great conversations with Chris Anderson and Seth Godin about their new books, we decided it was time to make a home to show off all the great books that come from TypePad bloggers:  It will collect biographical information, interviews and the podcasts we record all in one place.  We also used Amazon's new aStore feature to put together a simple bookstore that makes it easy to browse and buy books by TypePad authors.

Whoareyoupeople For those who are interested in learning about each month's Featured TypePad Book, but don't want to have to keep checking the site, you can either subscribe to the site's feed, or sign up to receive a monthly email about the program.  Just enter your preferred email address at and we'll keep you in the loop.

As for this month's featured author: We're really excited to talk with Shari Caudron, author of Who Are You People?, a look at fanatical obsession across the United States.  (Bloggers, obsessed?  Never.)  Join us Tuesday, September 26th at 2:00 pm PDT for a Skypecast conversation with Shari.  We'll be chatting about about pigeon racers, tornado chasers, Mayberry Days, furries, ice fishing, and diehard fans of Josh Groban. If you can't make, don't worry -- as always, we'll be posting a recording of our conversation as a podcast.