IMPORTANT Scheduled Maintenance for Typepad on August 1st from 4:30-5:30AM EDT

Typepad will be performing scheduled maintenance for approximately 1 hour starting around 4:30AM Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday, August 1st. We anticipate up to 60 minutes of downtime when the application and blogs will not be available. (You can use this tool to determine the maintenance time in your time zone.)

If you typically schedule posts to publish in the early mornings, we recommend scheduling the posts to publish later in the day.

Although we will be updating Twitter (aka X), we understand that is not ideal since you can no longer view without being a Twitter user. If you do have questions or concerns during the maintenance window and don't use Twitter, you can always reach the support team via email at [email protected].

Updates to Google Analytics Integration with Typepad

Typepad has offered Google Analytics integration for all blogs to take advantage of Google's advanced tracking tools. Changes are always inevitable with technology, though, and Google has announced it is retiring the older version of analytics. At Typepad, we wanted to make sure you know what's going on and if you need to make any changes to your blogs to continue using Google Analytics.

On or near July 1, 2023, Google Analytics will no longer support Universal Analytics. Instead, Google Analytics 4 will be required to track visitors to your websites and blogs. Typepad has supported both UA and GA4 for some time, and it is easy to add the GA4 number at Settings > Add-ons.

If you are still using Universal Analytics, Google has information on how to switch to Google Analytics 4 here, and we have also provided some basic instructions for Typepad users below.

1) Sign in to Google and go to the Analytics - - dashboard.

2) Click the "Manage GA4 Migration" in the upper right corner of your account.

3) Click the Get Started button.

4) Click the Create And Continue button.

5) The next screen will show you the tracking code.

6) Click confirm.

Once you have a GA4 number, you can go to Settings > Add-ons in Typepad, enter the number in the G Number field, and click Save Changes.


That's it! The tracking code will be instantly added to all pages of your blog, and you'll continue to see tracking information in your Google Analytics account.

If you go to Settings > Add-ons and already have a G Number entered, no action is needed as the blog is already using the newest Google tracking code.

To find a GA4 number in the future, sign in to the Google Analytics dashboard, and open the Property menu near the top left to reveal the full GA4 number.

Additional updates to Google Analytics integration with Typepad will be included in the Typepad Knowledge Base article.

Concerning recent Typepad issues

Over the past few weeks, Typepad has experienced a number of complications that have compromised the level of service that we know you have come to expect. This started occurring as we prepared to move to a new data center. The migration was completed on Sunday, and Typepad is now in its new home. However, following the migration, we encountered a number of unexpected problems that took some time to address. We have had our team working around the clock to get service restored. Thankfully, we are seeing progress. Now that we are able to deliver consistent service, we will use the new resources to address any lingering issues that may be occurring.

You should be noticing improvement with the loading of blogs and display of images, in addition to faster navigation as you work within the Typepad application.

A few of the lingering problems that we are still working to address are incorrect times in the referrers list in Statistics and 503 errors when attempting to download an export file. We also want to see quicker load times within the application.

We are continuing to investigate to determine what happened, and we will learn from this episode. When we have more detailed information to provide to the Typepad community, we will share it with you.

Additional Typepad maintenance

Typepad will be conducting further maintenance this coming weekend to address lingering issues as part of the continued migration to the new data center. During a window from 9:30 pm U.S. Eastern Time on Saturday, October 29 (01:30 UTC on Sunday, October 30) to 9:30 am U.S. Eastern Time on Sunday, October 30 (13:30 UTC on Sunday, October 30), there may be periods where Typepad blogs are down. The Typepad Support team will be monitoring throughout the maintenance period and will post updates on Twitter at and here on Everything Typepad.