Concerning recent Typepad issues

Over the past few weeks, Typepad has experienced a number of complications that have compromised the level of service that we know you have come to expect. This started occurring as we prepared to move to a new data center. The migration was completed on Sunday, and Typepad is now in its new home. However, following the migration, we encountered a number of unexpected problems that took some time to address. We have had our team working around the clock to get service restored. Thankfully, we are seeing progress. Now that we are able to deliver consistent service, we will use the new resources to address any lingering issues that may be occurring.

You should be noticing improvement with the loading of blogs and display of images, in addition to faster navigation as you work within the Typepad application.

A few of the lingering problems that we are still working to address are incorrect times in the referrers list in Statistics and 503 errors when attempting to download an export file. We also want to see quicker load times within the application.

We are continuing to investigate to determine what happened, and we will learn from this episode. When we have more detailed information to provide to the Typepad community, we will share it with you.

Additional Typepad maintenance

Typepad will be conducting further maintenance this coming weekend to address lingering issues as part of the continued migration to the new data center. During a window from 9:30 pm U.S. Eastern Time on Saturday, October 29 (01:30 UTC on Sunday, October 30) to 9:30 am U.S. Eastern Time on Sunday, October 30 (13:30 UTC on Sunday, October 30), there may be periods where Typepad blogs are down. The Typepad Support team will be monitoring throughout the maintenance period and will post updates on Twitter at and here on Everything Typepad.

Typepad Migration is Complete

Typepad's planned migration has successfully been completed. We appreciate everyone's patience during the maintenance window. If you feel you may be encountering an issue related to the migration, please reach out to us by opening a ticket within your Typepad account at Help > New Ticket.

For problems accessing your Typepad account, you can email [email protected] or use the form here.

Typepad Maintenance on October 22nd starting at 12:30AM US Eastern Time

On October 22nd, Typepad is going to be migrating data to a new data center. At the time of migration, we will have approximately a four-hour maintenance window starting at 12:30AM United States Eastern Time. During this time, your blogs and photo albums will not be available online, but you will still be able to access your Typepad account.

Typepad support will be available during the maintenance period to answer any questions, and we will be posting updates to Twitter - - and on Everything Typepad -

Are Your Images Uploading Sideways? Here's A Quick Image Tip.

Composing posts with a smartphone or tablet is a common occurrence these days. What do you do, then, when your image orientation isn't saved and those uploaded images are turned on their side? Our image editor is a quick solution to fix the orientation of your image.

Why is it being uploaded sideways in the first place? This is not an issue limited to Typepad but can happen on other websites.  Many mobile devices store an image's orientation in the EXIF metadata. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format - and there are still platforms that are not capable of reading this information such as image orientation.

After you've inserted your image, and you notice that the image is showing in the incorrect orientation, simply double-click the image. The image editor will pop up in a window, presenting additional image editing options. One of the first options shown is the Orientation tool, which is what you will use to rotate the image left, right, or flip it top to bottom.

Rotate Your Image

The menu bar will toggle as you scroll up and down so it may appear above or below the image.   The process takes less than a minute to complete and all you need to do to get back to composing your post is click the rotation button, the image orientation will change in your draft. Once your image is set, you can continue to edit your post and save your changes.

Any image tips you think would be helpful to a new blogger? Feel free to share in the comments below!