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Customizing your Weblog Post Footer

Two New Features Up-Close

Updated 18 August 2016: The Recently Updated Weblog module has been retired. For the latest information on adding the Categories module, see the Knowledge Base.

Two new features that TypePad subscribers have requested and we have added in the latest version of TypePad:

1. The ability to display a list of your weblog categories in your sidebar. Use this so that users can click and view all posts associated with a particular category. 

2. The ability display TypePad's recently updated weblog list in your sidebar. If you add this module, links to the 10 most recent weblogs that have been updated in the last 5 minutes will show up in your sidebar. While this is a great way to get to know your fellow TypePad users and community, be sure that before you add this module to your weblog, you're comfortable with allowing a random list of links to appear in your sidebar.

How to update your weblog to include these new features

For basic, plus and pro users (who haven't converted their templates to advanced templates), use the "Content" screen of the Template Builder to add these modules to your weblog. Then, if you want to change the order, use the "Order" screen.

For Pro users, if you wish to include the recently updated list in your sidebar, include this line of code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

For Pro users, if you wish to include the category listing in your sidebar, include these lines of code:

<MTBlogIfArchives archive_type="Category">
<li><a href="<$MTCategoryArchiveLink$>"><$MTCategoryLabel$></a></li>



The categories feature is already available without using a module if you just archive by category and/or individual on the Configure-Archiving Options.

Mena Trott

Yes, but if you do the method you describe, you do not have the ability to archive by month as well. This allows users to choose both a category and date archiving method for their sidebar.


You're right, Mena. More choices are better! Thanks.


I've added the category module to my site, but the category names appear as simple text rather than links. How do I fix this?


I don't know where else to post this comment, I don't see a link for feedback or comments in general about the typepad product, so I'll just post here. How about a bulk upload tool for photos in the photo albums??? I thought for sure since I was paying for this service that would have come with it. Am I just stupid and there is another way to do this? Geocities doesn't have an upload tool, but that's probably because it was free. I subscribed to typepad specifically for a cool looking photo album (better than Yahoo photos) and to be able to easily upload photos. I'm supposed to browse and click for each photo?! As IF! Not when I'm paying! Someone help me out if there is another way to do this. I'm going to cancel my service if this is impossible. Thanks.


I don't know why you would have expected to be able to mass-upload files. While I would assume that it wouldn't be terribly difficult for them to implement something, the way that the photo albums work is that they let you upload and give descriptions, etc. to photos. If you were to upload en masse, you wouldn't be able to put in descriptions, etc., and that would make for a pretty dull photo album. Otherwise, what would separate what you want from simply having a directory with no index.html where people can just click on each file one at a time? Not very pretty... I'm pretty sure that typepad wants to focus on the blogging aspect, but then again, their customer service is great, so maybe they will have a solution for you...

Mena Trott


Batch photo album updating is one of the features we're working on (in conjunction with file management). Regarding contacting us, the help ticket system is meant for questions like yours. You can open a ticket from the Help menu. Regarding canceling, perhaps another system is a better fit for you. Since you're still in the 30-day free trial period, you can still cancel and not be charged.

Mena Trott


Be sure you have category archiving turned on -- you can do that in the weblog configuration setup.


Thank you Mena! Problem solved.

Phil Wolff

Will this let me get a list like the "10 Most Recent Entries by Category" sidebar on this page?

Mena Trott


This can be done in the Pro level. Please open a help ticket for further assistance and we'll provide some help about what code to implement.


Richard Silverstein

Carolyn: I've asked for zip file image uploading many months ago. It's still in the planning stage unfortunately. If you want to see a site where this works very well, go to You can upload zip files with as many images as you like (as long as you have room at the site) & it goes FAST!

It's a shame that TP's photo gallery feature is stunted compared to its text blogs.



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