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Customizing your Weblog Post Footer

Updated 18 August 2016: For the latest information on the Post Footer options, see the Knowledge Base.

You may have noticed that after most weblogs there is usually a single line of text and links that identifies data about the post. In TypePad, we call that the post footer. The post footer contains information including author name, post date, category, permalink (the permanent link to your post that readers can link to), and links to the post comments and TrackBacks.

Using a basic template set you can configure the post footer to show different information and formatting.

How to Customize the Post Footer

On the Design tab for your weblog, click the Content link for the current set.

This will take you to the Content page for the template, where you can select the content to show on your weblog. Under Your Weblog Posts is the Weblog Post Footer setting. Pull down the menu and you can choose different combinations of the footer elements. Select the format you like for your post footer and click the Save Changes button to apply the change to your weblog.

If you have multiple authors and you want your authors to receive credit for the posts they write, be sure that you have selected a footer option that display author names. Likewise, if you have category archiving enabled and you'd like to list what category the posted is from, you'll want a footer option that displays a category name.

The date, time, and language format is taken from the settings chosen in the display setup of the weblog. This is on the Configure tab, then click the "Display" link in the tab sub-nav. The formats are in the Weblog Post Options section: Format for date display, Format for time display, and Language for date display.


Jess Have

Yes, that's pretty straightforward, Brenna :-) Your European community wouldn't mind an opportunity to have the dates like:

etc., thus reflecting the our way of writing the dates...

Mena Trott

Yes, that's on the to-do list. We love our international community and certainly want to respect the way dates are done in other places other than America.


I very much enjoy TypePad but would really like to see full support for languages. For now, I have one blog that is a split personality, part in French part in English.
Great work...

Ronni Bennett

Just want to back up Jess Have about alternative date formats. Some Americans prefer using that too. And it would be good to include the option for spelling out the full month.

Typepad is just excellent. This is nitpicking.


I'm using advanced templates ... blundering around carefully since I don't understand but maybe 5 percent of the code there.

But I managed to change the footer the way it appears in my archives so that in the line showing who posted each comment and when, there's a right-clickable (and therefore copy shortcut-able) Permalink notation so that I, and others, can easily link directly to individual comments -- for instance, to ....

Here's what I did -- and I have NO idea if this is a "good" or "elegant" way to do this, so I wouldn't recommend that anyone else try it unless/until it's blessed by someone on the TypePad staff:

In the Individual Archives template, there is a line which reads:

I modified the line directly underneath that to read like this:

Posted by: at | #c">Permalink to this comment

Hopefully, if this is about to explode the server or something, someone from TypePad will lemme know. But it seems to be working. :)


ACK ack ... shoulda previewed that ....

I lost some of the coding .... blearg!

Okay, here is a plain-text file that has the code modification I made:

I can't figure out how else to display it here! But I'm sure there's a way.)


Hi Beldar,
Could you submit this as a help request? Thanks!


When you change the date format, it changes both the weblog date header *and* the weblog post footer. Any way to change one but not the other? Or is that in the works?


Hi remy,

Could you submit this as a help request? Thanks!

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