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Selecting a Weblog for Default Display

Updated 20 August 2016: For the latest information on how to set the default or home blog, see the Knowledge Base.

We've just released a new (and much requested) feature that allows TypePad plus and pro subscribers to select which of their weblogs appear at their home level directory (the root). Prior to this release, your first created blog would appear at the root (so, for example http://example.typepad.com).

Here's how to select which weblog appears at the root

Next to each of your weblog's addresses (the weblogs that you own) on the main weblogs screen is a little "home" icon. If the icon is green, it means that it is mapped to be your main, default weblog at the root. If the icon is grey, it is not selected and can be found at its full address.

To make the weblog your default weblog at the root, simply click on the grey icon next to the one that you wish to change. You will see a pop-up that prompts you to confirm that you do indeed want to make the change. When the page refreshes, you will then see the green home icon next to that weblog.

That's it! You can now find that weblog at your home address.