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Halloween Photo Album Style

Want to create a Halloween-themed photo album to house all the photos you take on Halloween this year? We've specially created a new style for TypePad users to choose when customizing their photo albums. To apply the new Halloween style to your photo album, simply click on the style link in "Design" and choose "Halloween" from the style pull-down menu. Press save and your album will look something like this (with your own photos, of course).

More Privacy Features

This past week, we released a new version of TypePad with a couple of small new features, and a couple of improvements and fixes.

One of the new features is completely transparent to those of you with private weblogs or photo albums: your private pages are now marked as private, and Google and other search engines won't index them. We're doing this using the Robots Exclusion Protocol, which is a guide to (polite) search engine robots to tell them where they should and shouldn't go.

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Domain Mapping

Updated 20 August 2016: Domain registration and mapping is available with the Plus and higher plans. Learn more.

Domain mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name, such as, to your TypePad weblog or photo album and it's available now.  Make sure your weblog's web address is as personal as your words.

This is more than domain forwarding, because your permalinks and URL will contain the address of your domain instead of your TypePad subdomain.

Once the mapping is complete, visitors will be able to visit your weblog at while still being able to view it at the original (or  Any links that you had coming in previously will not be broken.

(Domain mapping is available with Plus and Pro membership.)

Domain Mapping Configuration

To configure TypePad for domain mapping, click the Control Panel tab to access your Control Panel area.  Click your Site Access tab, then click the Domain Mapping link to open the Domain Mapping setup:

1) Press “Begin Here: Map a Domain Name”

Press the button to begin the mapping setup and the popup window opens where you will enter your domain information.  Select I already have a domain name registered and click to the next step.

Next, enter your domain name and press “Get DNS Settings”.  Note: Enter your domain without the www in front (such as, or you can also enter a sub-domain (such as

TypePad will return the recommended settings to use to configure the DNS for your domain.  If the domain was just registered, you may get a message that This domain does not have any DNS records associated with it - you can still continue.

Leave the popup window open so you can view the settings to enter at your registrar in step 2.

2) Enter the advanced DNS settings at your registrar/host

Now, go to your account at your registrar/host to configure the advanced DNS settings for your domain using the settings provided in step 1.

Your CNAME will always be your main TypePad URL (such as  You will have the opportunity to select the specific weblog or photo album that you would like to map to in Step 3.  

The A and MX records will continue to point to your server, not at TypePad’s servers.  The reason for this is so that services like email (if you’re using it) will continue to work even after your domain has been mapped to your TypePad site.

Save the settings with your registrar and go back to TypePad for the rest of the setup.

3) Choose where to map the domain

Now press the “Complete Final Step” button in the TypePad domain mapping popup window and make the selection to map the domain to your main site or to a weblog or photo album.

Mapping to your main site will make all of your weblogs and albums (and About Page) show at your domain, while mapping to a specific weblog or album will map the domain directly to that weblog or album only.

4) Press “Add Domain”

Click to add the domain to TypePad, and you’ll now see it listed on your TypePad Domain Mapping page.

5) Wait for the DNS change to come through

While the process on TypePad’s end takes about two hours to complete, the process on your registrar’s end can take 24-48 hours.

6) Activate the mapping in TypePad

When you can type in (your domain) and see your TypePad site, you can make the mapping active in TypePad.  Do this by checking the “Active” box next to the domain in your mapping list in TypePad and press the “Set” button.

7) Republish your weblog or album

Setting the mapping as active sets it so that when you republish your site your permalinks on the pages will use instead of

Republish your weblog or album that has been configured with the mapping to update your links.  If you mapped your entire TypePad site, then publish each weblog and album.  There is a Publish button on the Design tab for each weblog or album, and you can select to Publish all files there.

Now your domain will come up when you click “View Weblog” and your permalinks will use your domain name.

Setting a Redirect

Domain mapping maps to your site, weblog or photo album.  To enable (without the www) you would set a redirect from to  How this is set exactly depends on your registrar/host.

Additional Domains

You can set up additional domains to point to weblogs or albums by repeating this mapping process for the next domain.

Unsetting a Domain Mapping

Unset a mapping by going to your TypePad Domain Mapping page and unchecking the “Active” box for that domain.  Press the “Set” button to set the mapping as inactive.  Republish your weblog or album to put it back to the default setting.

Bandwidth Allotment Raise

Updated 20 August 2016: All paid plans - Plus, Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class - have unlimited bandwidth allotment.

Based on the subscriber usage statistics from the preview release, we've increased the bandwidth allotments for the Plus and Pro levels.

Plus subscribers are now alloted 3 gigs/month (from the original 2) and Pro subscribers are now alloted 5 gigs/month (from the original 3).