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Posts from December 2003

Holiday Photo Albums

Did you receive a digital camera for Christmas this year? Did you take a lot of pictures during the holiday season? If so, we had you in mind when creating two new photo album themes.

We've specially created two new Holiday-themed styles for TypePad users to choose when customizing their photo albums. To apply the new Holiday styles to your photo album, simply click on the style link in "Design" and choose "Holly" or "Snowflake" from the style pull-down menu. Press save and your album will look something like this (with your own photos, of course):

Snowflake Theme
Holly Theme

TypePad Improvements

Today's new release of TypePad brings the following improvements.

"Post succeeded" messages can now be disabled when moblogging
You can now disable the "Post succeeded" confirmation messages that TypePad sends when you post to your weblog or photo album from your mobile phone. The new option to turn off these messages is on the Control Panel - Profile - Mobile Settings screen.

Weblog banner images are now links
The banner image on your weblog is now a link back to the front page of your weblog. If you're using a banner image, you'll need to go to the "Design" tab of your weblog and click the "Publish" button, then select "Publish all files".

Support for moblogging from Sprint PCS; improved support for Verizon Wireless
We've added support for moblogging photos from Sprint PCS phones. We now also detect photos sent from Verizon Wireless and remove the advertising and header and footer images that were recently introduced by Verizon.

Editor's Choice

PC Magazine's current issue has a roundup of Blog Tools and we're delighted to see that TypePad was named as the Editor's Choice among all the tools reviewed. We're especially pleased to see the service described as having "excellent support for content above and beyond simple blog postings" as the ability to create full-featured sites was one of our biggest motivations in creating TypePad. That flexibility, combined with extraordinary creativity, is why TypePad members have published such creative and expressive sites.

It's only been less than two months since our official launch, and we're proud of the recognition the service has gotten so far, and even more excited by the consistently innovative ways that people have expressed themselves using TypePad.