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New Features

Three new features that TypePad users have often requested debuted today:

- Additional TypeList ordering options
- Ability to upload a zipped folder of photos to your photo albums
- Ability to password your entire TypePad site

TypeList Sort Options (All Levels) More sort options for TypeLists are available. As before, lists are sortable by date added--ascending or descending. Then, there are additional sorts for the different list types, and each option can be set in ascending or descending order: Link TypeList- alphabetically by Link Title People TypeList- alphabetically by Name or Site Name Reading TypeList- alphabetically by Author or Title, or sort by Rating Music TypeList- alphabetically by Artist, Album, or Song, or sort by Rating You'll find the sort options by clicking "Edit Configuration" for the TypeList. In the Advanced Configuration, use the pull-down menu for the display order setting to select the sort you would like to use and click "Save Changes". Your new list order will be automatically updated on your site. Note: If you're using the TypeList Template tags in an advanced template (in Pro) to display your lists, publish your weblog (or add/edit an entry) to see the updated list on your weblog. The alphabetical sort is case sensitive. So, using ascending order, all of the upper case letters are sorted first and the lower case letters follow after.
Uploading a ZIP File to a Photo Album (Plus/Pro) You can now upload a zipped folder of images to your TypePad photo album. Note: the zipped folder should have the .zip extension and contain photos in formats that TypePad Photo Album supports: GIF, JPG, PNG First, create the .zip file. It's easy to create a .zip file using your operating system: In OS X 10.3: 1. Create a folder and put all of the image files in it 2. Right click on the folder (control-click), and select "Create Archive of [folder name]" createarchive This will create a .zip file of the folder that you can upload to TypePad. In Windows XP: 1. Create a folder and put all of the image files in it 2. Right click on the folder, and select "Send To" > "Compressed (zipped) Folder" zipfilemenu This will create a .zip file of the folder that you can upload to TypePad. If you're using another operating system, use a zip utility such as DropStuff for Mac or Winzip for Windows. Now you're ready to upload the .zip file to your TypePad photo album: On the "Add New Photos" page for your album, use the pull-down menu to select the number of photos you would like to upload. Select "I'm uploading a zipped folder". The screen will update to show you the Browse button for Step 2. Then click the Browse button to locate the zipped folder on your computer. Once you've selected this file, click the UPLOAD button and the individual photos will be added to this photo album.
Improved Privacy Options (All Levels) If you want your entire TypePad site (including your about pages, photo albums, weblogs and files) to be password protected you can now create a username/password to limit access. The password protection settings for your site are set in your Control Panel > Site Access > Password Protection (logged in members can click to view their Password Protection setup page). Choose from: * I do not want to password protect my site. Your entire site will be accessible without username or password. * I would like to password protect my entire site. This includes your about page, all weblogs and/or photo albums, news feeds, and any file hosted within your web address. * I would rather password protect certain areas of my site. You can selectively password protect specific weblogs and/or photo albums and their associated files. We've also worked to make the set-up of password protection easier for members to use. Look for future improvements to include the ability to send email messages to those you wish to allow access through passwords.