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Slew of new TypePad features added today

We're pleased to announce some exciting new features added to TypePad today. These have been added in response to requests that we've been frequently hearing from our members. You'll see from the list that we're extremely dedicated to providing resources to make learning TypePad easier, to learn about what's being developed and launched and to handle better management of comments. Finally, we've documented our Atom support so that developers can take advantage of the new API for publishing to TypePad weblogs, photo albums, and TypeLists.

Improved Comment Management

To make it easier to search, identify, and filter incoming comments to your weblog, we've improved TypePad's comment management, adding a  "List Comments" screen that allows you to filter by author name, email address, IP address, and post. You can page through the comments 20 at a time, or you can view all of them on the same screen. And mass-deleting comments is as simple as filtering, clicking "Check All", then clicking the "Delete" button.

We've also improved the "Edit Comment" screen, making it easier to jump back to a filtered view of all of the comments matching a particular criteria. For example, if you receive a comment that you don't want,   you can select all of the comments from that IP address by clicking one link from the "Edit Comment" screen, and delete them with one more click.

Quick Links to News and Support

The main application screen (members can click to view this screen) now contains a list of recent TypePad news (from TypePad Resources), along with a list of quick links to support resources.

We've also added an online user guide for TypePad, containing documentation on common tasks, how-tos, and tutorials.

Atom Implementation

In mid-December, we started publishing Atom feeds for all TypePad weblogs. Today, we've released beta support for the Atom API in TypePad, allowing developers to build tools--desktop clients, application plugins, etc--that you can use can post to your TypePad weblogs, photo 
albums, and TypeLists.

There are a lot of interesting tools that can be built using Atom, and we hope to see them in the coming weeks and months. If you're interested, we've written more about our Atom support at the Six Apart company weblog.

Screenshots of New Comment Management Features

List Comments

Open the List Comments page by clicking the "Edit Posts" shortcut link for your weblog from your Weblogs tab.  Then, click the "List Comments" link in the subnav.

Use the filter settings or the magnifying glass to view all comments by that author, IP or email and select how many comments you would like to view.  To delete comments, check the boxes and press Delete:

Edit Comment

The Edit Comment page is used when you open a specific comment for editing.  Use the "View all comments by..." links to view all comments on that entry, or by that person, IP or email:

Comment Spam

Some TypePad weblogs have received spam messages in their comments recently. We're doing our best to work on technical solutions to this problem, and to help combat it we are currently testing some possible solutions on TypePad.

If you or your visitors experience any problems leaving legitimate comments, please notify us through the Help Ticket system.

Additionally, we are working on improved comment management to make it easier for you to manage the comments that you receive on your weblog.