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Domain Mapping Made Easy

Setting up domain mapping with your TypePad site?   Unsure of how to make the necessary changes with the registrar?  pairNIC has now made this simple!

All you need to do is have your domain registered there, and the mapping is configured by following the walkthrough in their Domain Name Management. 

You will enter the name of your TypePad site (, and also set up where you would like your email sent:

  • Login to the Domain Name Management System.
  • Click on the Manage Domain Names link.
  • Click on the domain name you want to update.
  • Click on the Domain Parking link.
  • Confirm parking the domain.
  • Enter the URL of your TypePad page and your e-mail address on the parking page and click continue.

Confirm the change and your domain is mapped.   All set!

How do I direct a domain to my TypePad page?