Slew of new TypePad features added today
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Mobile Announcements at DEMO 2004

Six Apart is participating in DEMO 2004, and this morning we made some big announcements regarding mobile features for TypePad. You can see some of these features in action at our DEMO or Bust! moblog.

The mobile features below will be released in a major update to TypePad within the next couple of weeks.

Posting Controls on Moblogs

Instead of just one email address that can post to the moblog, allow multiple authors to post, or allow anyone with access to email post with a Public Moblog (like the DEMO 2004 Moblog).

Audio Content

In addition to photos and text, audio content can now be sent to a moblog--perfect for annotating a photo while on vacation, or capturing the ambient sounds at a soccer game.

Palm Client

To make moblogging an even simpler process, we will be releasing a Palm client for posting photos and text to TypePad weblogs and moblogs, perfect for blogging from the road.

Custom Moblog Templates

You will be able to select from custom moblog-specific templates, optimized for the display of posts from mobile phones.

Better Weblog Integration

Photos sent from a mobile device are now resized if they are too wide for your weblog, providing a better viewing experience for your visitors, and you can include a number of the most recent photos sent to your moblog into the sidebar column of your weblog.

Moblogging Availability for All Levels

Moblog functionality will now be available to TypePad Basic users in addition to Plus and Pro.