Website Sluggishness
Performance Problems Fixed

Website Performance Update

Over the past twenty-four hours you may have noticed website sluggishness on TypePad-generated sites.

What happened?

The sluggishness was caused by a hardware issue on one of our storage servers. Because our systems are set up to be redundant, your web sites were never down, but performance was impacted. To fix it, we'll be replacing the faulty hard drive with a replacement, and we'll be working to strengthen our systems for further redundancy for the future.

What does this mean for existing TypePad users?

Because the sluggishness of the last 24 hours is not up to our standard of service for TypePad, we'll be crediting all TypePad accounts with 3 free days of service. If you're a trial user, your trial will be extended by 3 days; if you're a paying subscriber, your billing date will be extended by 3 days.

This credit will take place depending on your status (trial versus paying) as of March 5, 2004.

How is it being fixed?

Because we'd like to remedy this situation as soon as possible for our subscribers and their readers, we're planning for an unscheduled downtime. The hardware fix will require 30 minutes of downtime and is scheduled for 2:30-3:00 Pacific time today (February 25, 2004). To minimize downtime, we're preparing as many of the hardware updates as we can offline; because these are taking longer than expected, we're pushing back the downtime to 12-12:30am Pacific time.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding and, again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

Update: The downtime was actually from about 12:50-1:30am Pacific time. As of 1:30am TypePad is back up and running, and we've fixed the hardware problem. There may be some lingering slowness here and there over the next few hours as the new hardware synchronizes, but everything is back up and running, and we thank you again for your patience!