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China and TypePad

We have heard reports from some Chinese TypePad users that they can not access their public weblogs but can access the TypePad application. We've heard from some weblog readers in China that they are able to access TypePad weblogs.

We are pretty confident that there is not a technical reason on our end for the problems some Chinese users are having accessing their sites.

Frankly, because we are not in China, we can't be 100% sure of the exact cause and effects of the situation and to what degree our customers are being affected. I can say that we are trying to get to the bottom of this situation and trouble-shoot why some users aren't able to access their sites.

Now, if you're a TypePad user in China and are experiencing a problem accessing your site (or are in China are not having problems), please open a help ticket. Right now we don't have a definitive answer on what's going on, but it would help to know where exactly in China you're located. It may, in fact, be a regional issue.