Intermittent Sluggishness
Scheduled Downtime (March 6, 2004)

Performance Fixes

We've said it before, but this time we mean it: we have instituted a solid fix for the slow performance you've been seeing on TypePad-powered web sites.

A short history of the website sluggishness, and what we've done to fix it, follows.

February 24, 2004: a hard drive on our storage server crashed. Since the server was then compensating for the loss of that drive, website performance decreased. We diagnosed the problem as related to the crashed hard drive February 26, 2004 (early morning): we replaced the faulty hard drive with a replacement, and after some intermittent sluggishness due to the software resynchronizing, the service settled into a problem-free weekend. March 1, 2004: with a full Monday morning traffic load, the sluggishness returned, and it could no longer be attributed to the faulty hard drive. We devoted a team to working on diagnosing and solving the problem. March 2, 2004 (late night): we added a Squid Web Proxy Cache onto our webservers to handle the large traffic we're receiving for popular TypePad-powered weblogs. Immediately, the performance on the web sites improved. March 3, 2003: the caching servers are now handling about 50% of our traffic, and as you've probably seen, performance is still improving, and sites are actually loading faster than they were before the hardware problems last week. Future: we'll continue to tweak the Squid caching to improve performance even more, and we have a hardware transition planned to replace our current storage servers with higher-performance machines. When we get nearer to this transition, we'll be sure to give abundant advance notice. Thank you to all of our subscribers (and their visitors!) for your patience. We certainly can't promise perfection, but we hope that this example shows that we do strive for perfection, and that our standards for service are very high. As we mentioned in a previous post, all TypePad users will be given three (3) free days of service. If you have any problems or questions, as always, feel free to send us a report or a message through a Help Ticket.