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TypePad France

We're pleased to announce the launch of TypePad France. Thanks to the Ublog team (our exclusive agents in Europe) for helping us reach this milestone. We'll be adding additional localized functionality in the near future -- including recently updated lists limited to our French weblogs and photo albums. If you're a Francophone, sign up today.

We'll be launching Spanish next week, with other countries and languages to follow soon after.

File Manager, Moblogging for Basic and Improvements

We've introduced a number of new features to TypePad tonight. In particular, one of them, the File Manager, is a feature that will please many TypePad users.

We've also unveiled a new logo for TypePad, which we're very excited about! After months of the old logo (always intended to be temporary), it's refreshing to see the new logo, based on a lily pad, and which we see as emblematic of the community of subscribers that has been built around TypePad.

In the coming months, we're planning to roll out additional interface changes to make TypePad easier to use and more powerful and these new features and changes are the first steps in that direction.

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Using a Nickname on Your Site

If you’d rather not display your full name, to preserve your anonymity or for any other reason, you can choose to display a Nickname on your TypePad site instead of your first and last name.

First, while Editing Your Author Profile, fill in the Nickname you would like to use and save your profile.

Then, in the setup for Customizing Your About Page, check the box to display your Nickname (uncheck the box for Name) and click the “Save and Publish” button.

This will update your About Page to use your Nickname as the title of the page and also sets it so the rest of your site will display your Nickname wherever your author information is displayed.

After changing the Nickname setting, you can use the Publish button on the Design tab for the weblog to update your pages and feeds to use your Nickname.