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Scheduled Downtime May 29, 2004

TypePad vs. Comment Spammers

Recently we added some simple tests that eliminate a large amount of comment spam on TypePad blogs.  According to our logs, most spammers try to cover their tracks by sending their posts through an "Open
Proxy Server".  An Open Proxy Server is a misconfigured or infected machine that forwards web requests for anyone on the entire Internet. The spammers use these proxies to avoid the one commment-per-minute restriction and the Blog Owner's IP address blocking.

So, we started blocking Open Proxies -- all 1.5 million of them. It immediately reduced the comment spam problem. In fact on our first day it blocked over 20,000 spam attempts! While effective, these open proxy checks are not always perfect. If our server thinks your machine is an open proxy it will display an error message when you try to post:
Your comment has not been posted because the computer you are using appears on a list of machines exploitable by spammers. You can fix the problem by consulting the following results:
If this happens don't panic, it's possible that a virus or malware installed an open proxy on your computer. Run a scanner from a trusted vendor, such as Trend Micro's HouseCall to rid your computer of o-pen proxies and virus infections. An extensive discussion of the problem and possible solutions written by Chrstian Wagner is also available. When you are confident your machine is secure you can remove the blocks. You can do this by visiting the web sites mentioned on the TypePad error message you received when you tried to post. Update: Some people using dialup and DHCP were improperly restricted from posting comments. We now have a way to override this. On the error page you will now see a 6 character image. Enter the word in the provided input field, click Post, and your comment will be added.