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Posts from June 2004

Domain mapping improvements

TypePad Plus and Pro users who have mapped a domain name (like to your TypePad sites should notice that now your web address will work without the www. prefix as well. That means your site's visitors can go to or to get to your weblogs and photo albums.

If you've used Pair to register your domain names, as described in Domain Mapping Made Easy, this change should already have taken effect. If you use a different domain registry, you can simply try out your site to see if it works, and then make any changes in the Control Panel, if necessary.

And, if you haven't tried out domain mapping yet, Plus and Pro users can give it a try. Instead of, your address could be, making your web address easier to remember and more personalized. To get started, just read over the domain mapping requirements.

Scheduled Downtime June 12, 2004

To fix some routing issues that have caused slowness in the "Add me to your TypePad People List" feature, we're scheduling some network maintenance for the early morning of Saturday, June 12, 2004, from 12:00am to 2:00am Pacific time. During at least part of that time, TypePad-powered sites and TypePad itself will be down for maintenance. It's quite likely that the actual downtime will be much shorter, but we want to allow for any issues that may arise. Thanks for your patience!

Update, 1am: completed.

Update, 5:30am: we experienced some unscheduled downtime from about 3:30am-5:15am Pacific time on Saturday, June 12, 2004, which we believe to be tangentially related to the network maintenance above. We've now brought all of the systems back up, and we'll be monitoring the service closely for any problems.

Plugging into TypePad

One of the best ways to extend your TypePad weblog is by connecting other tools and services to make updating your site easier and more powerful. Though these tools aren't made by us at Six Apart, we do think they're pretty cool and you might want to give them a try on your own weblog.

audblog (signup for TypePad users) and Audioblog (check out the Audioblog TypePad site) are two services for posting audio to your Typepad weblog. Both of these tools are paid services, but audblog offers a free trial.

And Mac users on OS X who manage their photos in Apple's iPhoto will definitely want to try PhotoToTypePad. This neat little extension for iPhoto lets you export an album right into a TypePad photo album. There's a free 10 day demo version if you want to give it a spin, and there's no easier way to upload pictures to TypePad from your Mac.

Knowledge Base Update

We've done some housekeeping and rearranging with the TypePad Knowledge Base.  You'll notice that the Help Tab has been updated--click through to your Control Panel > Help to see!

In the right column, you will find shortcut links to the Knowledge Base entries that used to be on the Help tab.  These links point to the new Knowledge Base location at  The existing entries have been updated, and new answers to frequently asked questions have been added.

You'll now also find links to the different sections of the User Manual on your Help tab and additional links for TypePad Support and Everything TypePad.

As always, support is high priority for us and these improvements should make it even easier to find any questions you may have.