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A Few New Fixes

We've added improvements for some common problems. If you have a report while using the system please send the details of the error in a support ticket using the Help System.

Banner image blinking with Internet Explorer

The default templates have been adjusted for an IE6 display bug that could make the banner image appear to flicker when the cursor moves over it.

To update your pages with the new banner template code using a basic template, click the Publish button on the Design tab for the weblog and select to publish all files.

For an About Page with a banner image using a basic template, save and publish your About Page from the About Page setup.

Master archives page using individual archives

We fixed a bug with the master archives page when only individual entries are enabled for a weblog.

This previously displayed the number of posts set in the configuration for the weblog--now all entries are displayed as expected.

Using a basic template set, click the Publish button on the Design tab for the weblog and select to publish the indexes to update the master archives page.

Automatic linking for TypeList URLs

Now, when you add a URL to a People or Link TypeList, the http:// part is added if it is not already present.

For example, if you enter into the URL field of the TypeList item, it will be changed to automatically so it links correctly.

File names when uploading with the file manager

The file manager previously cleaned file names that use uppercase letters or hyphens. This has been changed to leave the original file name when uploading.

Individual archives when using comments

Comments are displayed on the individual archive page for a post, so individual archives are required if comments are used on the weblog.

Now, when individual archives have been turned on to use for comments, they stay enabled unless there are no longer posts on the weblog with comments enabled.