Domain mapping improvements
A Few New Fixes

Fighting Comment/Trackback Spam

Updated - We changed Typepad in a number of ways to help deal with Comment Spam. Many of you have recently found many unwanted messages on your blog posts. Dealing with these annoying and often offensive messages has become a major problem.

To help prevent this practice we recently implemented the following changes:

  • Comment URLs, used by spammers to increase their search-engine rankings, are now linked indirectly. This removes one of the main reasons comment spammers spam.
  • We are expanding our use of Blacklists to capture spam before it gets too widespread. We are retroactively removing spam from our database as we discover it.
  • We attempt to find the originating hosts used to send comment spam, contacting ISPs and, if necessary, globally banning IPs from commenting.
  • Comment Notification e-mail messages now contain a link to the comment management page.

This is all in addition to the open-proxy blocks we implemented recently, and the other comment management tools available to you.

We currently block thousands of Spam attempts a day, and will continue to do our best to keep it under control.

Update: As of July 2nd, 2004 blacklists are now applied to trackbacks and we began republishing entries that have been hit with spam.