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Posts from August 2004

Making your TypePad site faster

You might have noticed by now that TypePad sites are running a lot faster. We were able to solve a technical problem that's been clogging up our network connection for some time, and it's made files on TypePad blogs load significantly faster.

You'll notice an improvement most on media files like images in photo albums or video files, but your regular web pages should load faster, too. Thanks for being patient while we got this all sorted out!

He even has a Music TypeList

This one's a little silly, but we couldn't help but notice that TypePad got a clever mention in everyone's favorite satirical newspaper The Onion this week. "CIA Asks Bush To Discontinue Blog" shows the American President posting to his TypePad site. On an iMac, no less. While the actual address listed in the story isn't really used by Bush, (and isn't really used by the Onion, either) it's probably worth mentioning that any TypePad photo album can be password protected.

Even if it's not a matter of national security.