Scheduled Downtime September 25, 2004
New Halloween Photo Album Styles

File Manager Enhancements and Other Fixes

Filemanagerscreenshot_1 This week we released an enhancement to the TypePad File Manager, and squashed a few minor bugs in different parts of the application.

Based on feedback from subscribers, we've made some enhancements to the TypePad File Manager, making it easier for you to upload and manage the extra content you're including in your TypePad weblog. 

  • You can now create new folders through the file manager.  Before you were only able to upload files into existing folders; TypePad now allows you to create and name new folders to better organize your content and assets.
  • We've made it easier to delete files in the file manager.  You can now "check all" items with one click for bulk deletion, and also delete empty folders.
  • We've added a quick and easy way for you to copy and paste a link to any item you've uploaded in the file manager.  Just click on the link icon in the file listing, and TypePad will popup a window with a readymade link for you to insert into a weblog post.

One of the bugs we fixed corrects the issue where guest authors weren't able to set their own image display preferences when inserting images into posts.  Guest authors can now choose to either accept the weblog's default settings for image display, or set a custom thumbnail size, text wrapping behavior and link behavior for that post.