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Comment/Trackback Management, and IE Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer users will be happy to hear this handy little tip: many of the same keyboard shortcuts you take for granted in Microsoft Word, also work when editing a post in TypePad. For example, use Ctrl-b while you are typing to toggle bold font face on and off; and the same is true for Ctrl-i (italics), and Ctrl-u (underline).

For those of you who have really active and talkative audiences visiting your blogs, you can always view a list of comments and trackbacks on a post-by-post basis by navigating to the "Edit Post" page. However, for those of you looking for an easier way to see all the comments and trackbacks coming into your blog, navigate to Weblogs > Manage > List Comments or List Trackbacks. From those screens you can more easily manage all of the comments and trackbacks coming into a blog you administer.