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Welcome changes

This week we are pleased to see the release of a new Six Apart website, a project that brought with it many highly desired changes, both to our corporate website, but also to TypePad.

First, for those out there who still don’t know what a weblog is, those of you reading this excluded of course, we asked some of our most popular webloggers to help us come up with a definition for the term using their own words in a new section called "What's a weblog?"

We have also worked to provide a richer and more useful TypePad login and welcome screen to give users a better sense of what's happening within the TypePad universe. Beyond simply: what weblogs have been updated recently, users will now be treated to an additional set of featured weblogs that we feel highlight the "best of breed" for their uniqueness, their design, their community, or their content. And finally, once you login, a new welcome page will update you with pertinent news about your account and provide you with a list of your TypePad weblogs so that you are able to more quickly get to the business at hand: weblogging.