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It's not just what you say, it's how you say it

If you subscribe to comment notifications on your TypePad weblog you may have noticed that we have recently updated the email you receive when one of your readers posts a comment. One of the things you will probably notice is that the email is now in HTML, as are virtually all of the emails TypePad now sends to its users. Of course, some of you also noticed a small oversight on our part to provide a quick and easy link to the post the comment was posted to. That oversight has been fixed – thanks goes out to those intrepid TypePad users who were kind enough to point that out to us.
Want to see what these new e-mails look like? First, subscribe to new comment notifications, and then post a comment on one of your TypePad weblogs. Or better yet, get a friend to post a comment on your weblog and wait and see. The email only takes a few moments to arrive.
Come on, you really thought we were going to show you a screenshot? What fun would that be? By all means: go forth and comment!

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